!Hello, World! Introducing Hash Rush DAO

What in the World is a Hash Rush DAO, you may ask?

We have always welcomed and relied on community feedback, and we believe the future of gaming will be community-driven and community-centric. We want to create a deeper collaboration between the community and the game devs and, through it, empower participation. Hash Rush is already indirectly directed by you, the players, and we are making this involvement official by jumpstarting a DAO as the missing link to solve the puzzle.

The Great Comeback of $RUSH

A chance for anyone to directly impact the launch and management of an OG P2E game starts with Hash Rush DAO and $RUSH token. $RUSH is the key to the DAO ecosystem and all its perks as a central value of progressive governance.
$RUSH grants you the right to vote and make proposals while participating in building a decentralized future for your gaming community.

Ask Us Anything: AMA Events Schedule

If you have any questions and want to know more about Hash Rush and DAO, join us for a lineup of exciting AMAs, and ask us anything!

  1. CAGYJAN 23.09.2022; https://twitter.com/cagyjan1
  2. Kookoo 24.09.2022; https://twitter.com/kookoocryptotv
  3. IndiGG 27.09.2022; https://twitter.com/IndiGG_DAO
  4. Merit Circle TBD; https://twitter.com/MeritCircle_IO

All Voyagers, Aboard!

Hash Rush has moved to an Open Beta phase, and all players are welcome to download the game for Windows and try out the new and exciting content and improved gameplay experience.



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