Greetings Voyagers,

May has recently ended, so this is the perfect time for us to look back the month and share all the juicy development news with you, covering game development, blockchain news, and even some in-person meetings.

Art News

What has the art team been working on? Why new units of course, with a special focus on heroes.

On a side note, you may have noticed that we’ve been talking and sharing a lot of content that focuses on heroes. If you’re wondering why then here it is, the heroic units will form a core part of Hash Rush as these…

Greetings Voyagers!

It’s time for us to get into the sharing mood and let you all know what’s been going on in the world of Hash Rush. So, without further ado, let’s begin!

About The Redesign Play test!

The Hash Rush redesign project was first announced back in January. Since then, the entire team has been extremely hard at work designing and coding our new vision for Hash Rush. Progress has been fantastic, to the point where we are now confident of being able to launch a play test version that you can play this summer.

That said, as you may guess from the ‘play…

Greetings Voyagers!

We’re taking a break from our regular game development-orientated articles to sit back and enjoy the 1st of May, known to the majority of our European followers as May Day.

Greetings Voyagers!

It’s been quite a while since we’ve last posted so we’re excited to do this larger round-up on what we’ve been working on so far this year. Spoiler alert, be sure to make yourself comfortable as we’ve got a lot to cover as the start of the year has been really productive for us.

VZ Games becomes Vorto Gaming

In February, VZ Games, the studio behind Hash Rush, and the Swedish game publisher Polar Dragons have merged to form a new blockchain gaming studio, Vorto Gaming.

Hello there everyone,

This article has been a long time coming, so please sit back and enjoy this in-depth look at our plans for Hash Rush in 2021.

Before we begin, we do need to state one thing. Originally, we planned to publish a write-up for each year (we’ve already published 2017), and then at the end of this month (January), we’d talk about our plans for 2021 (so this article). But, after looking at the community and reading the feedback that we recently received, we decided to address the game development plans now.

That said, please note that this…

Greetings everyone,

If you’ve been lurking in our Discord server you may have seen some hints/teasers from the Hash Rush team of something big just around the corner coming up for Hash Rush. While we’re still putting the final pieces together, we wanted to do a full look back series on Hash Rush, going year by year.

As you may have guessed from the title of this article, we’re starting things off with a look at 2017.

2017 — The Birth of Hash Rush

Before we begin, we think that the best way to start this throwback series is by highlighting our very first Steemit page. If…

Greetings Voyagers,

Hash Rush is back with another special event, this time celebrating winter 2020, or like the Ernacks affectionately call it, Nack’mas!

In our previous events, we first focused on combat and the end-of-game experience (Titan Hunter event), and our second event focused on the dungeons (Halloween Event).

So, for the third Hash Rush event of 2020, the winter event, we decided that we will focus the event on crafting, afterall, this is a vital part of Hash Rush that has gone somewhat under the radar since the start of our beta.

The event is due to start on…

Merry Friday Voyagers!

Today is a special day for us as we’re kicking ourselves into a new gear, and with that, we are going to begin feeding you with a lot more information on the game, the development progress, and what our future plans are.

How are we going to do that, you ask?

  • A new Weekly version of Hash Rush that will be updated every Friday and is available to everyone.
  • A Friday report (article) that covers the updates to the weekly version and also what the main focus has been for the team.
  • Where possible, an in depth…

Greetings Voyagers,

2020 is quickly coming to an end and as such, we thought that this would be a perfect opportunity for us to talk to you about our plans for Hash Rush, covering the upcoming content that we are developing for the game, and of course, the issues that we are working on fixing.

So, without further ado, let’s dive right into it!

Development Plans — Content

Let’s start with the best things first, the focus for our new-content development for Hash Rush.

Unique Planets

Completing and jumping between planets is core to Hash Rush as we do have the system in place. However, if…

Hello everyone,

It’s been an interesting few weeks for Hash Rush, so we’re back here writing up a quick update on what is going on in the world of Hash Rush.

Today we’ve got two main topics, the first is a look at the latest event in Hash Rush and the second looks at our upcoming updates.

So without further ado, let’s begin!

Hash Rush Halloween 2020

Starting on Saturday 31st of October, we started this year’s Halloween event bringing back the popular dungeon feature that was present during our alpha test phase.

Scattered throughout the player’s planetoid they will be able to find…

Hash Rush

An online sci-fi/fantasy RTS set in the fictional Hermeian galaxy.

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