Hash Rush: June 2023 Development Update

Hash Rush
5 min readJun 30, 2023

Time waits for no one. Just ask any Ernack banging away in the depth of some mines on a fringe world. One moment, you’re exchanging New Year’s greetings with frens and fam before descending into a mine. The next moment, half the year is gone, and you’re still trying to figure out which Ernack took your third favorite hammer and left bite marks on your sandwich. But that’s not going to rob this Ernack of the pleasure of announcing the completion of the extensive build phase for Hash Rush’s Early Access mode ahead of its release next month.

Look, Ma, I’m…

Famous? On TV? No, not yet, but we got the second-best thing; Game UI!

One of the key updates we implemented in June is a new and improved Skills Display UI. We know how important it is for gamers to have quick access to their arsenal of skills, so we’ve ensured that the Skills Display UI is sleek and user-friendly. No more fumbling around trying to find the right skill at the crucial moment — it’s all right there at your (customizable) fingertips!

But where will these skills be deployed? Glad you asked. We understand that every gamer has a mode they’d prefer to dip their toes in first, and that’s why we’ve revamped the Mode Selection Screen to cater to quickly get players to where they want to be — whether it’s a thrilling single-player adventure or taking on the AI for some practice session, jumping into your preferred gaming mode a few clicks away.

Should the light of the Traveller bless your venture or be brought to a premature end by the Crystal Scourge’s blight, you willbe greeted by a Win or Lose screen, ensuring that your wins and losses are properly acknowledged and their costs.

The Sound of…

Success? Victory? Finding my third favorite hammer and whoever’s been nibbling at my sandwiches? One of the Crystal Scourge’s underlings at the gates again? While any and all of that would have been a headliner for June, we felt that title goes to one of the most overlooked aspects in game soundscape development; character phrases.

When it comes to connecting with any character, their dialogue and phrases play a pivotal role. From Scorpion’s iconic “Get Over Here” in the Mortal Kombat games to Mario’s “It’s A Me, Mario”, just a sprinkling of well-written character phrases can leave a lasting impression on players, elevate the narrative, and make the gaming experience truly memorable. Throughout the month, our sound department worked to develop a comprehensive soundscape for Heroes, drawing on their backstories, skills, and interactions to bring them to life.

But what is the value of character phrases if there is no recipient and feedback from the recipient? Cue in enemies’ sound effects as they lunge towards our Heroes and their demise at the pointy business end of something sharp and stabby. But sometimes, the villain wins — by hook or crook — and when they do, it’s only fair to have the soundscape for your Heroes and warriors’ demise play out now that the shoe is on the other foot. Sorry.

You Can Have Whatever You…

Like? No, not really. It’s just going to be more hammer-and-sandwich talks. How about this stunningly detailed Crystal Mine that will make you feel like you’ve stumbled upon a hidden treasure trove? And, of course, the Resource Depot, where you can store your hard-earned loot for building and defending against the Crystal Scourge’s onslaught.

OK, you’ve had enough pickaxes and hauling boxes? How about these cozy Stables for you to raise these powerful mounts for our warriors to take the fight back to our enemies? Or these Barracks where you will be able to train warriors, fortify our defenses, and bring your tactical acumen to bear?

Oh wait, you’re the adventuring sort. Why didn’t you say so?! Well then, get ready to leave this lush, green landscape for some treacherous navigation through relentless sandstorms and imposing dunes as you uncover hidden secrets in a new biome; the Desert!

And once you’re ready to start shaking the sands from your sandals, our third biome — the Fae — awaits you, a magical realm filled with enchanting creatures, breathtaking landscapes, and new discoveries.

Give it to the Server

As we continue to enhance the gameplay experience, we’ve added server-side skill connection and unit movement control. This ensures that skill actions and unit movements are accurately synchronized across all players, creating a seamless and immersive gaming experience.

Now, let’s talk about migrating logic to the server. This is a game-changer for Hash Rush as it allows for smoother gameplay and reduces the chances of client-side cheating. Moving the logic to the server ensures thatall actions are validated and synchronized, ensuring a fair and balanced playing field.

Last but not least, we’ve made some monster logic improvements. Monsters will now showcase more realistic behaviors and react intelligently to players’ actions. This makes the game even more challenging and exciting, keeping you constantly on your toes. Of course, no game is perfect without a few bug fixes along the way. Our dedicated development team has been working tirelessly to squash those pesky bugs that can sometimes plague even the most well-crafted games. So, rest assured, we’re constantly striving to provide you with the best gaming experience possible.

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