Weekly Hash Rush Update — Week 43

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Here’s another weekly update from the Hash Rush team. This week, the ICO and our bounty campaigns came to an end, we published an interview with our concept artist Nic Ng Hanyang, and on top of that, we’ve started preparations for the Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Conference in Tokyo. Read more about all of this below.

The end of the Hash Rush ICO

On 20 October at 20:00 UTC, the Hash Rush ICO came to an end. We have been overwhelmed with the amount of support from the Hash Rush community, raising over $1.83 million. This week, we’ve been busy with a lot of post-ICO tasks, including wrapping up the bounty campaign, handling support requests and generally making sure everyone get the amount of RC they are entitled to. This work will likely spill over into next week; we’ll keep you updated.

Concept artist interview and Japan trip

Aside from handling everything ‘post-ICO’, we continued our interview series with Hash Rush team members. In this instalment of the series, our PR Manager sat down with our concept artist Nic Ng Hanyang. Make sure to check out the article and Nic’s artwork. Also, we’ve been preparing for the Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Conference in Tokyo, which will be held on 11 November. We’ll hold a presentation about Hash Rush and focus particularly on networking with professionals in the crypto-mining and crypto-exchange industries.

What’s in store for Week 44?

Next week, we’ll continue our work on ICO support requests and the preparation for the conference in Japan. We’ll start interviewing we’re starting a member of our game development team Tractor, Set, Go!, and of course we’re taking the next steps in pre-alpha development, bringing to life several new buildings and game assets. Who knows, we might just give you a sneak peek! For more on this, stay tuned and keep an eye on our blog and Discord channel.

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