Weekly Hash Rush Update — Week 37

Week 37 has been a busy one! We, the Hash Rush team, have been in full preparations of our upcoming ICO. We’ve made our website ICO-ready, started running Hash Rush ICO ads, published an article (“One week until the ICO”), and did much, much more. In this weekly update, we’ll quickly go through some of our major milestones.

ICO Rewards & Bonuses

One task we had set ourselves last week was to bring together all aspects of bonuses and rewards in the Hash Rush ICO in one update. This update is meant to show you, our audience and potential investors in the Hash Rush ICO, exactly what you can gain from ICO participation. We’ve recently published this article, so make sure you read more about it here.

An interview with our Hash Rush Chief Game Economist

Last Friday we published our interview with Jethro Naude, the new Hash Rush Chief Game Economist. Jethro spoke about his background, his work as an economist, his plans for the Hash Rush in-game economy and more. It’s a great read that covers the intersection of gaming, cryptocurrencies and economics. Read the interview here.

Question-and-Answer Session

Halfway through the week, Kris and Nathan recorded a Q&A-sessions. In this session, the Hash Rush founders answered a bunch of frequently asked questions, particularly for all our Korean fans. But if you’re not in Korea, don’t feel left out; we’ll soon publish this session (in English) on our YouTube channel.

Kris & Nathan during the Hash Rush Q&A-session

New website FAQ

Over the last few weeks, we’ve gotten a variety of questions from you about our ICO, the Hash Rush game, Rush Coin tokens, and much more. Kris and Nathan’s Q&A-session was held on that basis, but last week we also created a ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ section on our website. Based on your questions and feedback, we will be continuously adding content to this section.

What’s in store for week 38?

Week 38 will mark a watershed moment for Hash Rush. We’ll launch the Hash Rush ICO on Wednesday 20 September at 20:00 (pm) UTC. And at the end of this week, we’ll have a first look at the success of our ICO and how many gamers and crypto enthusiasts are intrigued by the Hash Rush project. But before that, there’s still much work to do. This week, we’ll publish a press release and several articles (such as an interview with our new Marketing Director Craig Ritchie), send out our newsletter and move our Slack channel to Discord. On top of that, we’ll ensure that our website, the Ether contracts, and everything and everyone else is ready for us to push that ICO launch button. So stay tuned.

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An online sci-fi/fantasy RTS set in the fictional Hermeian galaxy. https://www.hashrush.com

An online sci-fi/fantasy RTS set in the fictional Hermeian galaxy. https://www.hashrush.com