Weekly Hash Rush Update — Week 34

It’s the start of a new week and that means a new weekly update! We’re nearing the end of the Rush Coin pre-sale, and last Monday we heard the 10th pre-sale investor bought the last golden miner card! Great news for the Hash Rush project.

Although all golden miner cards have been reserved, that hasn’t stopped other investors from participating in the pre-sale. Since the end of Week 34, our pre-sale has raised around 2k ETH; more than 40% of all Rush Coins have been reserved.

In other Hash Rush news this week, we had a good talk with our lead concept artist, Dendy Dhamier. Dendy has been kind enough to provide us with a glimpse into his ‘kitchen’, and show us some new concepts he’s been working on such as the Ernack mining station (below). If you’re interested to hear more about his day-to-day work, please take a look at our interview write-up.

A new concept for the Ernack mining station

Other updates

The Hash Rush founders (Chris and Maris) have been quite busy last week, and started planning their trip to Romania. In order to create better bonds between the members of our global team, Hash Rush’ two founders (Chris and Maris) will fly out to this beautiful country to discuss some of the development plans of Hash Rush with our game devs at TractorSetGo!.

Lastly, last week we heard Hash Rush got accepted as a Silver Sponsor at the Blockchain Conference in Stockholm. On 7 September, several members of the Hash Rush team will fly out to Stockholm and discuss ICO launches, blockchain applications, smart contracts, and of course Hash Rush.

That’s it for Week 34! This week, Chris and Maris will visit the beautiful country of Romania, we’ll work hard on our new white paper, let you know more about our future plans for Hash Rush, publish an article on the gaming and cryptocurrency space, and do a whole lot of other tasks to make sure we’re one step closer to a successful Rush Coin ICO. But if you’re interested to hear more, always feel free to send us a message and otherwise, simply stay tuned.

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An online sci-fi/fantasy RTS set in the fictional Hermeian galaxy. https://www.hashrush.com

An online sci-fi/fantasy RTS set in the fictional Hermeian galaxy. https://www.hashrush.com