Weekly Hash Rush Update — Week 33

A weekly update is nothing if it’s not published weekly. But as you might have noticed, our previous weekly update is from Week 31.

Unfortunately, we were too busy with preparing the launch of the Pre-ICO to write last week’s update. However, I’m pretty sure we can actually make our weekly update truly ‘weekly’ from this point onwards.

So, let me update you on what happened last week. We launched the Rush Coin Pre-ICO on 15 August at 10pm UTC. As you can imagine, we were all quite nervous about what would happen:

Did we promote our Pre-ICO sufficiently? Did people even know this was happening? What would people think of our gameplay video, and would investors be at all interested in participating in the Hash Rush Pre-ICO?

We asked ourselves these questions and hundreds of others, but in hindsight we needn’t have to worry. Both gamers and cryptocurrency aficionados have been super enthusiastic about the Hash Rush game, Rush Coin and the entire HR project. Our Pre-ICO saw investors from all over the globe (most notably from Japan) and we’re happy to announce that since the Pre-ICO started, there have been 10 investors who together purchased more than 30% of all Rush Coins!

The rare golden miner card, given to the first 10 participants of the Rush Coin Pre-ICO

Updates on Hash Rush game development

But while some of us have been busy making sure the Pre-ICO is running, our game development team was busy with creating new 3D-assets for Hash Rush.

In the Hash Rush game, players need to build a silo that allows them to store their mined Crypto Crystals in. So one example of a new 3D-asset our game devs (Rafal Nowocien and TractorSetGo!) created last week is the Crypto Crystal Silo, which you can see below.

The upgradeable Hash Rush Crypto Crystal silo

The third milestone we reached this week was that Hash Rush was featured on the Huffington Post website. We found out that an article on ‘the digital goldrush’ mentions Hash Rush as an example of how the gaming space is being transformed by the cryptocurrency boom. Take a look, it’s definitely an interesting read.

Last week’s last milestone was the publication of our gameplay video with commentary. Footage from the alpha version of Hash Rush was already live on YouTube, but we didn’t have a good voice-over showing what exactly you could see on this video. That’s why Maris Ziedonis, one of our co-founders, took the time to provide proper commentary to this footage. Now anyone can easily get the gist of Hash Rush by watching this video.

So that’s it! The highlights of week 33 were our Pre-ICO, new 3D-assets for the Hash Rush game, our publication in the Huffington Post, and the gameplay video with commentary. For week 34, we will continue with our Pre-ICO, publish an article on the future plans of the Hash Rush project, create new 3D-assets and make sure even more people learn about Hash Rush. Stay tuned!

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An online sci-fi/fantasy RTS set in the fictional Hermeian galaxy. https://www.hashrush.com

An online sci-fi/fantasy RTS set in the fictional Hermeian galaxy. https://www.hashrush.com