Weekly Hash Rush Update — Week 31

It is the 6th of August and this is our second weekly update for the Hash Rush project. We are very excited because we launched our website. Also we are pleased with the feedback from many cryptocurrency communities and speed of the game development.

This week we have been added to many ICO listing sites like coingecko, ico-list, icocountdown, etc.

Without further adieu, lets see what we have done so far and what next week will brought us!

We launched the website for Hash Rush!

This week we have officially and successfully launched our website. Now people can see what the Hash Rush is all about, subscribe to our newsletter and download our Whitepaper.

With the launching of our website we move on to building our Pre-ICO and ICO pages.

We hope you enjoy it!

The Team behind the Hash Rush project!

This week we have made and article about our team. In the article we explain how the team is divided into groups to get things done smoothly. Our team consists of people from all over the world.

To find out more about each member of the team, check out our Whitepaper or our Steemit and Medium pages!

The Team behind the Hash Rush project!

The early alpha Screenshots of the Hash Rush game!

We are very hyped to release the first screenshot of the Hash Rush game. It was nice to hear positive responses from people who are following Hash Rush on social media sites.

The screenshots weren’t the only game related content we published. We also talked about the games mechanics like singleplayer missions, faction goals and payout system of Hash Rush.

What is up next week?

Next week we are getting ready for the Pre-ICO, introducing the first gameplay video. We will also keep you updated with the latest articles written about Hash Rush. Stay tuned!

And as always, take a look at our website, our Twitter and Facebook, or our other articles on Medium such as:

“The Team behind the Hash Rush project” or

“A look into the Hash Rush game”.

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An online sci-fi/fantasy RTS set in the fictional Hermeian galaxy. https://www.hashrush.com

An online sci-fi/fantasy RTS set in the fictional Hermeian galaxy. https://www.hashrush.com