Weekly Hash Rush Update — Week 30

It’s 30 July 2017 and this is our first weekly Hash Rush update. From this point onward, we’ll publish weekly updates from the Hash Rush team.

In these updates, we’ll discuss everything that we’ve worked on over the past week. This means we’ll talk about the development of the Hash Rush game, the Hash Rush marketing campaign, the development of Rush Coin, and much, much more.

For the first weekly update, we already got some exciting news to share.

So let’s dive right in!

New concept art of the third Faction — Eldaria — were introduced this week

Early Alpha Version of Hash Rush

We can now actually play the game we’ve worked on for so long. After over a year, we can now actually see (and show) the fruits of our labour. Of course, the Alpha release is not without bugs, and there is still lots and lots to do.

And yet, we’re very thankful to our game development team, who has made this dream into reality.

Note that we do not have an open Alpha version yet, but we’ll be sharing the first in-game screenshots on Twitter and Medium tomorrow, 1 August!

Bounty & Bitcointalk Thread Campaigns

The HR Bounty Campaign is an online campaign that allows anyone to earn Rush Coin by sharing our articles and content on social media, blogs and other platforms.

This campaign officially started today (30 July), and is already off to a good start. If you would like to participate or hear more about this campaign, please take a look at our other article on Medium.

In addition, this week saw the launch of our Bitcointalk Thread Campaign. This campaign promotes the use of a specific signature for users active on the Bitcointalk forum.

If you have a Bitcointalk account — use our signature and earn Rush Coin in the process! Take a look.

Smart Contract Testing

In short, this smart contract is used whenever Rush Coins are automatically sent or released. For instance, at the end of our ICO, the RC smart contract will ensure Rush Coins are automatically transferred to their rightful holder.

And in the Hash Rush game, smart contracts are used to automatically send mined cryptocurrencies to the players.

Creating these features is the responsibility of Jefferson Davis and the BC Studio team. They have been creating a stable version of the contract and will start testing the contract during the coming week.

The Hash Rush White Paper

The white paper needed some small adjustments, but is finally finished. This document covers things like:

  • The Hash Rush game and its gameplay,
  • The Rush Coin (RC) Pre-ICO and official ICO,
  • Our timeline for the HR project,
  • Information about the Hash Rush team, and much, much more.

Make sure to take a look if you’re interested.

Plans for next week

During week 31, we’ll publish the first in-game gameplay videos, start thoroughly testing our smart contract, give you a list of everything to know about the Hash Rush team, and focus more on the Pre-ICO, which will launch 16 August.

As you can see, we have a lot on our plate. But we’re excited and will update you about any new developments!

And as always, take a look at our website, our Twitter, or our other articles on Medium such as:

“An Introduction to Rush Coin, an Ethereum Token”,

“The Hash Rush PR Award System” or

“Introducing the Hash Rush world”.

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An online sci-fi/fantasy RTS set in the fictional Hermeian galaxy. https://www.hashrush.com

An online sci-fi/fantasy RTS set in the fictional Hermeian galaxy. https://www.hashrush.com