The Team behind the Hash Rush Project

If you want to see if a startup will succeed, one of the things you have to look at its team. If a startup has a great team, it can accomplish great things, regardless of the business model or product.

In the end, that’s what the Hash Rush project is: A startup.

So if you want to estimate what Hash Rush can achieve, it’s good to take a look at the Hash Rush team.

And in that line of thought, let me introduce our team members, their expertise and show you why Hash Rush will be a successful project, worth investing in.

The Hash Rush team: An Overview

The Hash Rush Team

The idea for Hash Rush initially started in Latvia. Kristaps Vaivods, owner of ETHInvest, has been interested and invested in cryptocurrencies since 2013. He built his own cryptocurrency mining rig and came with the idea for Hash Rush in 2016.

Since then, Kristaps managed to attract experts from different fields, making Hash Rush into a global project.

In particular, the Hash Rush team currently consists of more than 10 people, who come from all over the globe. From the United States to Indonesia, and from Latvia to the Netherlands.

Every single person in the Hash Rush team has his or her own expertise. We won’t go into the background of each individual team member here (please take a look at our white paper if you’re interested in that), but we can divide their expertise into five different fields:

  • Game Production
  • Design & Front-End Development
  • The Cryptocurrency Mining Farm
  • Smart Contract Development
  • PR & Marketing

Game Production

Let’s first discuss the team responsible for the actual development of the Hash Rush game. In order to develop the Hash Rush game, we needed a group of great game designers. Luckily, Rafal Nowocien and his team found Hash Rush to be a viable and interesting concept.

Rafal has made a name for himself when working on the popular Witcher game by CD Projekt RED. In this world-famous project, Rafal was responsible for scenario and level design, cut-scenes and dialogue design.

Rafal has teamed up with TractorSetGO!, an indie game development company. Together they go through different development cycles of the Hash Rush game. They have started with a concept of the game, have launched an early alpha version last week, and will continue to create additional content for Hash Rush as the game becomes more popular.

Design & Front-End Development

Rafal and TractorSetGo! are also responsible for creating the in-game characters and the entire Hash Rush world. But whenever they need additional concept art, they turn to our front-end development team.

BC Studio, led by the visual artist Dendy Dhamier and front-end developer Kaan Dagkilic, provides this concept art, allowing you to directly experience the Hash Rush universe.

Hash Rush concept art by Dendy Dhamier

But their work doesn’t stop there. Dendy and Kaan also focus on front-end development. For instance, they have created the Hash Rush website and help with developing in-game menus and other front-end design tasks.

The Hash Rush Mining Farm

As you might know, every player in the Hash Rush game can own multiple miners. These miners mine cryptocurrencies like ETH, ETC and Zcash, and are backed by actual hash power.

However, in order to create this link between miners and hash power, we need to create a well-functioning mining farm that can farm a variety of cryptocurrencies and distribute hashing power to players.

As stated, Kristaps created his first cryptocurrency mining rig in 2013, when the cryptocurrency industry was still in its infant stage. He knows everything about using the right GPU, mining pools and cloud contracts, making him the perfect man for the job.

Together with the Latvian ETHInvest team, he is on track to create a well-functioning and scalable cryptocurrency mining farm that will provide mining power to all Hash Rush players. On top of that, in Q1 2018 they will build a HR mining pool and platform so third-party miners can distribute their hashing power to the masses of players.

Smart Contract Development

Once we launch Hash Rush, a smart contract will release all mined cryptocurrencies to the three different factions, every 24 hours. In addition, another smart contract will ensure that these factions automatically release their cryptocurrencies to Hash Rush players on a weekly basis.

This sounds great, but such an automatic release of cryptocurrencies does require a solid, transparent and bug-less smart contract.

That’s why we’re happy that we’ve been joined by Jeff Davis. Jeff has worked on a variety of distributed applications and smart contracts, for both private and non-governmental organisations.

Together with the BC Studio team, he makes sure our contracts work as intended: they should release funds at the right time, to the right person, while being publicly available and transparent.

Interestingly, in Q2 2018, BC studio will start working on an in-game exchange that will allow players to sell, buy or swap in-game tradable content that will run on blockchain technology.

PR & Marketing

What is the most important part of launching a new cryptocurrency token or web game?

There are a lot of different answers to this question, but we’re convinced that ‘marketing’ is a valid answer.

Together with Kristaps and our PR guy, Jochem Gerritsen, they make up our PR and Marketing team. Currently, they focus on writing articles for Medium, Steemit, and several cryptocurrency forums and news outlets, such as Bitcointalk and Cointelegraph to spread the word of Hash Rush in gaming and crypto communities.

The Hash Rush Team: Going Forward

Now we have told you exactly who is in our team, and which ‘sub-teams’ make up the Hash Rush project (game production, design/front-end development, mining farm, the HR smart contract, and PR & marketing).

This means that with the information from this article, you can now make a better estimate of what the Hash Rush project can achieve and answer this question:

Do you think we can make Hash Rush into a global success?

Please let us know what you think in the comments, and take a look at our other articles on Medium:

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