The Hash Rush ICO: Rewards & Bonuses

After weeks of preparation, the Hash Rush ICO launch is now just days away. On 20 September at 20:00 (8 pm) UTC, gamers and crypto enthusiasts alike can purchase their very own Rush Coin (RC) tokens. But there are more rewards to be had than just RC. In this article, we’ll explain exactly which rewards and bonuses you can get when participating in the Hash Rush ICO.

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Hash Rush Rewards Overview

The ICO Reward System

The Hash Rush ICO Reward System provides you with extra items that you can use in the Hash Rush game. The system is very simple: the more ETH you invest, the more rewards you get. Note that there is a limited supply of every reward (see image above). Please take a look at the reward schedule:

  • 0.1 ETH or more: Receive the amount of ETH you spend in Rush Coin.

We’ll explain exactly what each of these mean in the following sections.

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Hash Rush Rewards Table

The Discord voting system

If you participate in the Hash Rush ICO with 0.5 ETH or more, you can make your vote count in our Discord voting system. The Hash Rush Discord channel will have a group entirely dedicated to voting. Once in a while, one of the Hash Rush team members will ask a question in this group, and everyone in it is allowed one vote. For example, we may ask you which one of two items you want to be released next. So, you’ll not only be playing Hash Rush, but also participating in its development!

Unit Cards

These cards represent the various units in the Hash Rush world. A standard unit card represents a worker. You can upgrade your workers using item cards, such as a pickaxe. Participating in the ICO with a minimum of 1 ETH means that you receive four items and an extra unit card, and therefore an extra worker to play with as you build your colony in the Hermeian solar system.


Items can be used to upgrade your worker into a specific class. During the ICO we will be giving participants the chance to receive several starting items: the pickaxe, the lantern, the staff and the slingshot. Combining these items with a worker card results in a new unit. For instance, a miner is the result of combining a worker with a pickaxe. A worker plus lantern equals an engineer; a worker plus staff equals a prospector; and if you combine the prospector with a slingshot , you receive a hunter.

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Runic blueprint cards

During the ICO, you can also receive Runic Blueprints. These blueprints show exactly how runic items, such as the runic pickaxe, runic lantern and runic handcannon, are made. The runes in which these blueprints are engraved can only be found in the Cryptonian sector of the Hermeian solar system.

The blueprints give a player’s colony the knowledge required to craft a runic item. These items substantially boost your units’ and colony’s efficiency. Since these items are rare, they can only be acquired during the later stages of the game. However, if you choose to participate in the ICO with 5 ETH or more, you will be able to get the runic blueprints early!

Lore Pages (Collectables)

Lore pages are part of lore books. Every page in the 10-page lore books can be collected separately. These books contain stories related to a particular sector of the Hermeian solar system. Each faction has their own books that enrich their lore and provide you with more information about the history of each of the factions. Having collected all 10 pages of a book, your colony receives a specific combat or productivity boost. The first two books are Tales of Hermeia (not tied to any particular faction) and Tales of the Enlightened One (an Ernack lore book). Upon completion, both provide a special ability allowing you to temporarily boost your colony. Participating with 10 ETH or more means you receive 5 pages of each book (total of 10).

Void Scroll (Cosmetic)

Void scrolls provide a unique style to your units and buildings. Void scrolls will be reserved for the first 5 participants who invest 15 ETH or more during the ICO. This is your chance to receive a custom look for your colony, making your colony truly unique; only 5 players will have these special colony styles.

A Recap of All Rush Coin Bonuses

But that’s not all. There are of course also Rush Coin (our ERC-20 token) bonuses for early participation as shown in this image:

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So on 20 September at 20:00 UTC, go to the Hash Rush website and transfer your desired amount of ETH, ETC, BTC or QTUM. In return, we’ll provide you with the amount of Rush Coin tokens you reserved, and some or all of the bonuses mentioned above. Together we can make video game history.

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