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Greetings Voyagers!

It’s time for us to get into the sharing mood and let you all know what’s been going on in the world of Hash Rush. So, without further ado, let’s begin!

About The Redesign Play test!

The Hash Rush redesign project was first announced back in January. Since then, the entire team has been extremely hard at work designing and coding our new vision for Hash Rush. Progress has been fantastic, to the point where we are now confident of being able to launch a play test version that you can play this summer.

That said, as you may guess from the ‘play test’ title, this is still a test phase as we need some data on how the game performs when populated with actual players.

Sign up for the Hash Rush redesign play test today!

With that in mind, we have decided to open up signups to the Hash Rush summer playtest, but you’ll have to be quick as places will be limited!

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up HERE today!

What will be in the Play test?

Please note, this is going to be a brief overview of the play test features, we are working on a full game design article that we will edit and link into this article once it is published.

Overview — Core Game

Though we are planning several game modes for Hash Rush, the play test will launch with the main game mode, aka standard mode (we’ll have a better name for this soon).

In this mode, players will find themselves looking over a large planet that has been split into multiple zones. In this view, the player will be able to preview each of the zones, then select one of them to play in.

Once the player has entered the zone, the core RTS (Real time strategy) game will start. Here, the player will start off with the main building, the Voyager’s Bastion, and are tasked with developing a strong base to gather resources, mine crystals, and train an army.

While the player is developing their base, the Crystal Scourge (the name of the enemy) will be doing the same, and, as they develop, the forces of the Crystal Scourge will attack as well. Ultimately, the player’s main goal is to destroy the Crystal Scourge, a feat that can only be completed by reaching the enemy base, defeating the monsters, destroying the citadel (the main building of the Crystal Scourge), and then, defeating the boss that lives within the citadel, the Crystal Fiend.

Once the player has completed a zone, they will be able to move on to the next one, and so the game continues. However, overtime, the forces of the Crystal Scourge will launch counter attacks on the zones that the player liberated, forcing the player to revisit these zones.

Overview — Crafting

Crafting has been completely re-worked since the original Hash Rush version. Players still need to find crafting resources (of varying rarities), however resources now do not spawn everywhere at random. Instead, players will find resources while playing in the planet zones, meaning that to craft items, they will need to play through the zones in order to find what they need.

As to who will use the crafted items? We’ll tell you one of the use cases — the hero units! Unlike the regular units (for example, Archers, Warriors, Raken Lancers, etc) that can be mass trained, the heroes are unique characters and as such require special equipment, the crafted items.

Overview — Marketplace

Directly linked to the crafting system is the Hash Rush player-to-player marketplace. Remember those items that you crafted? Well, you have a choice whether you use them yourself or — if you have better items already — sell them to other players.

Note, our description of the crafting system and marketplace is intentionally very short. The reason for this is that we want to make you aware that these features form part of the three core features that make up the playtest, but to describe them properly would need dedicated write ups. As such, we are currently working on three special game-design articles that will fill in all of the blanks, one for the gameplay, one for the crafting, and one for the marketplace.

We’d like to also leave a small note for the blockchain side of this. That is, items will be NFTs, the marketplace(s) will run on Vorto Tokens (NEAR) and RUSH Coin (ETH).

You can sign-up to the Hash Rush redesign today over on our homepage. For more information, join us on Discord or Telegram, where you can reach the core Hash Rush team!

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