Rush Coin’s Pre-Initial Coin Offering

The Hash Rush project is going great. Our Bounty Campaign is running steadily, users on Bitcoin Talk have translated our whitepaper (in Chinese-Turkish-Korean-Portuguese-Japanese-Italian-Spanish-French-Indonesian-Vietnamese), and we recently launched a video of the gameplay of our early alpha version of the Hash Rush game, with commentary (see below).

On August 15 UTC 22:00, we’ll have another milestone in the Hash Rush project that looks like it will be a great success: the Rush Coin Pre-ICO.

What is the Rush Coin Pre-sale or Pre-ICO?

The Rush Coin Pre-ICO is a short phase before our official Initial Coin Offering, running from 15 August 2017 at 22.00pm UTC until 1 September 2017.

During the Pre-ICO, anyone can join to purchase the very first Rush Coins, a new Ethereum token. As we explained in our other article, Rush Coin (RC) is the Hash Rush in-game currency. This means that while playing Hash Rush, you can use RC to:

  • Build new facilities and upgrade these,
  • Expand your mining colony,
  • Buy additional units and hash power to increase your cryptocurrency mining output,
  • Discover new mineable cryptocurrencies,
  • Speed up in-game activities,
  • And much, much more.

And since Rush Coin is an Ethereum token, this means that you can also simply use RC to trade with on a cryptocurrency exchange.

How to participate in the Rush Coin Pre-Sale

Do you believe in the potential of the Hash Rush project? Would you like early access to the Hash Rush game and receive a variety of other perks?

That’s great! But before we go into the rewards you receive for joining the Pre-Sale, let’s discuss some of our regulations.

Joining the Pre-Sale is easy. All you need is Bitcoin (BTC), Qtum (QTUM), Ethereum (ETH), or Ethereum Classic (ETC). In order to participate, you need a minimum amount (the entry threshold) of 5 BTC, 50 ETH, 1000 ETC or 1000 QTUM.

We have set the initial exchange rate at 1000 RC for each 1 ETH. This means that if you choose to participate with BTC, QTUM or ETC, your funds will first be converted to ETH according to the exchange rate of the time you made your RC reservation.

When the smart contract address will receive the funds, RC tokens will be issued to participants’ Ethereum addresses automatically. People who participate with Bitcoin or Ethereum classic will be asked to provide an Ethereum address through their email.

Lastly, to our regret and due to specific financial regulations, US and Singapore citizens are not able to join in our Pre-ICO or ICO.

Rewards for joining the Pre-Sale

Obviously, joining the pre-sale will entitle to you specific perks. If you are an early-bird investor in Rush Coin, you will receive the following rewards (in no specific order):

  • A bonus of 25% of additional Rush Coins.
  • Early access to the beta version of Hash Rush.
  • Choose a Faction of your choice, without having to wait in queue.
  • Receive a special in-game title such as arch mage, inquisitor or sage. We will show this title next to your username and every Hash Rush player you come across will see you were one of the first to invest in Rush Coin.

And if you are one of the first 10 participants in the Pre-ICO, you will receive a unique and valuable Miner card of the Faction of your choice.

A unique Miner card, meant for the 10 first investors in the Pre-ICO

A look at Rush Coin’s official Initial Coin Offering

From this week onward (on 15 August), you have two weeks to decide whether you want to be an early-bird investor in Rush Coin and the Hash Rush project.

But whether you take part in the Pre-ICO or not, you can still buy Rush Coin and support Hash Rush by joining the official Initial Coin Offering. The Hash Rush ICO will run from 13 September at 12:01pm CET to 13 October.

We have set the minimum entry threshold for joining the ICO at 0.1 ETH, so there will be plenty of opportunity to purchase Rush Coin before we launch the Hash Rush game.

But if you want to be one of the few early-bird investors, please join the Pre-ICO on our website and follow the instructions.

We look forward to your participation.

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