Rush Coin’s Pre-Initial Coin Offering

What is the Rush Coin Pre-sale or Pre-ICO?

  • Build new facilities and upgrade these,
  • Expand your mining colony,
  • Buy additional units and hash power to increase your cryptocurrency mining output,
  • Discover new mineable cryptocurrencies,
  • Speed up in-game activities,
  • And much, much more.

How to participate in the Rush Coin Pre-Sale

Rewards for joining the Pre-Sale

  • A bonus of 25% of additional Rush Coins.
  • Early access to the beta version of Hash Rush.
  • Choose a Faction of your choice, without having to wait in queue.
  • Receive a special in-game title such as arch mage, inquisitor or sage. We will show this title next to your username and every Hash Rush player you come across will see you were one of the first to invest in Rush Coin.
A unique Miner card, meant for the 10 first investors in the Pre-ICO

A look at Rush Coin’s official Initial Coin Offering



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