Playing the Hash Rush Summer Beta


The summer beta introduces the following new features, and you can find a guide to each of these features in this article.

  1. New game mode: Dungeons
  2. Expanded game mode: Standard Mode
  3. Expansion to heroes: active abilities, passive abilities, and ultimate abilities.
  4. Brand new crafting system
  5. New unit mechanics

Dungeon Mode

First thing’s first, what is the dungeon mode?

  • Players are given a set amount of points that they can use to buy units.
  • Each unit costs a certain amount of points (variable based on unit type)
  • Players can also buy upgrades (but it will cost points)
  • Players can bring up to 3 heroes that they own into the dungeon, but like all other units, heroes also cost points.
  • The player can change their team composition (units, upgrades, heroes) at anytime until they start the dungeon challenge.
  • Once the dungeon challenge starts, they cannot add new team members, and if a character dies, they cannot be replaced.
  • Points are free, cannot be increased, and are reset every-time you start a new dungeon match,

Challenging the Dungeon

Now that we’ve got the basic dungeon introduction out of the way, its time show you how to challenge the dungeon.

Select Dungeon Mode and click on continue.
The summer beta lets players take on the Forest and the Steppes dungeon.
Select your units and upgrades
Select your heroes

Dungeon Hints and Tips

  • Hero abilities will be the difference between winning and loosing
  • Clearing a room will trigger an area of effect healing spell. If you see a green particle effect/cycle, send your units into it for a quick heal.
  • Units cannot see through walls, doors, or other obstacles, so look out for ambushes.
  • Players have a time limit in the dungeon, the green bar on top of the screen shows you how much time you have left.
One does not simply see through walls
Heal effect

New to Standard Mode

First introduced in the spring 2022 playtest, standard mode is the typical Real-time Strategy (RTS) deathmatch (but in PvE mode only). However, since then, some vital changes have been made, both while starting the match and in-game.

Planet Selection

The first major change is the addition of new planets and maps. For the summer beta, players can find:

  • Forest planet that includes 3 Forest maps and 3 Fae maps.
  • Steppes planet that includes 3 Plains maps and 3 Thunderlands maps.
  • Vital information regarding the map that the player selected will be displayed. What heroes have a buff for the planet, what resources can be found (common and rare), and an overview of what the map layout is like.
Planet selection
Map selection

Standard Mode: In-game

Standard mode is the same game mode that was introduced back in our spring playtest but has been heavily expanded on since then. Make sure to try this mode again, as it has been massively improved on since then,

  • Resources are needed to construct buildings, train units, and research technologies.
  • The in-game resources are: Food, wood, ore, fireflies, with crystals as the special resource.
  • Food can only be collected by constructing a farm on top of fertile land.
  • Workers are needed to construct buildings and gather resources
  • Workers are trained in the Voyagers Bastion.
  • Workers construct buildings
  • Some buildings allow players to unlock technologies that increase the effectiveness of your units.
  • Buildings allow players to train combat and support units.
  • Defensive buildings are Watchtower and Magetower.
  • Players need to balance offense and defense.
  • Defensive buildings help defend against enemy attacks, but units and heroes are needed to strike back at the enemies, and destroy the enemy base.
  • Core to the game is the vision system, this is what players see on the map.
  • A fog of war covers the land, so players can see the terrain, but not the units/new buildings (these are hidden by the fog).
  • Units have a line of sight, within this area, the fog of war is lifted.
  • Fog of war is further affected by elevation. Units lift the fog only for the elevation they are on and lower. Never higher.
  • Flying units are the exception, they can see everything.

Playing the Standard Mode — Watch this quick video!

New Heroes and Heroic Abilities

Heroes are the main focus of Hash Rush. They can be purchased at the Vorto store and/or marketplace, crafted in-game, or summoned in the in-game vault.


Changes to how heroes are crafted

The crafting system has been massively overhauled, impacting both crafted equipment and the crafted heroes.

  1. The player must unlock dungeons
  2. The player must complete a dungeon and acquire a equipment core.
  3. The player must have crafting recipes unlocked
  1. Selecting a equipment core. The equipment core controls the main stat of the item (example attack %, hp %, etc).
  2. After selecting an equipment core, the player is taken to the recipe screen, there they can choose what item they can craft.
  3. Crafted items have 4 sub-stats, granted at random.
  4. However, the higher the rarity of the equipment core, the more sub-stats the player will see in advance.



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