New Hero — Voltero

History of Voltero

Voltero was the winning entry of the first ‘Design Hash Rush’ event. During this event, the community was tasked with designing a hero for Hash Rush with the only condition that the hero is based on the Ernack race.


Voltero In-Game

Voltero has three abilities, two active and one very powerful passive.

Ability 1 (Q) — Active

Targets an enemy, dealing medium magical damage with small AOE radius.

  • Cooldown: 7 seconds

Ability 2 (W) — Active

Effect 1: Target Enemy, deal low magical damage with a larger AOE radius.
Effect 2: Inflicts 3 Stacks of Magical Attack Down
Effect 3: Inflicts 3 Stacks of Attack Speed Down
Effect 4: 10% chance to Stun

Ability 3 (E) — Passive

Effect 1: Each time an enemy is hit with any spell gain 1 charge. At 10 Charges, the passive is ready

Store Information

  • Cost: 25 USD via the Vorto Store
    Alternatively, Voltero can be purchased from the P2P Marketplace if other owners have put the hero up for sale, in this case, price is controlled by the the owner.
  • Quantity: 2,500 is the maximum supply.
    Initially, 500 copies have been put on sale.
  • Voltero is fully usable in-game.
  • Link to Voltero on the Vorto Store:



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