Monthly Hash Rush Update — January 2023

Hello Voyagers!

It has been an eventful month of January for Hash Rush and we would like to share our thoughts and plans for the year 2023. Firstly thank you all again for your patience regarding updates on the game and where it is heading.

With the previous update we shared, development on technical production and value alignments are finally beginning to bear fruit. Let’s start with the technical development update.

In the past few weeks, we’ve sat down with several game developers to scope out our vision for Hash Rush and their approach to developing it using the existing assets and technology stacks rather than starting over. These meetings were not only about their experience in developing games in the genre but also their experience with creating engaging mechanics and compelling gameplay. This represents a significant step forward in project planning, allowing us to estimate development time, cost, and risk more accurately and begin preparing a roadmap based on deliverables.

Having furthered discussions, we now have a shortlist of candidates and are in consultation with our backers to onboard for the following roles:

  • Lead Developer

As a result of the good progress we’ve been making with the shortlisted candidates, we’ve been able to work on an internal roadmap for the most important milestone; Early Access.

The feedback from the previous test launches has helped us identify key areas for improvement and bug fixes. Addressing these issues before Early Access launch will be our top priority for this quarter. They include:

  • UX HUD overhauls to better inform players about what’s happening on screen

Hash Rush’s revamped launch will focus on releasing the Standard Mode RTS without the Dungeon and the Vault mode. The Dungeon and Vault mode were initially developed as a way to help players understand the RTS game. However, after reviewing player feedback and metrics, we came to realize that most players were comfortable diving headlong into the Standard Mode and quick to understand the gameplay mechanism. Standard Mode will have the following features:

  • Base Building and Resource Gathering

This marks the beginning of our foray back into the mines once more. Stay tuned for our next update as we set out to reclaim the lands together!



An online sci-fi/fantasy RTS set in the fictional Hermeian galaxy.

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