Introducing the Hash Rush world.

Hey guys, its been a great week. Adding final touches to the whitepaper, website and being active on social media to show the Crypto-community our idea. We are passionate about this project and would like to share some details about the lore of Hash Rush.

The Ernacks

The Ernacks are small cloaked creatures, who live in the Cryptonian sector. For a long time, their race used the Crypto Crystals simply as light bulbs and lanterns. But one determined Ernack believed their race was destined for bigger things. This Ernack decided to leave his friends and family behind, and travel to the sun. After eons passed, he returned to his home planet. Now known as ‘the Traveler’, he is now leading the Ernacks to greatness.

The Space Pirates

The Space Pirates were traders, known as the people of Rustaria. They were wealthy and known across the galaxy, until a solar flare hit. The solar flare nearly destroyed their entire planet and brought this once mighty race to its knees. The Rustarians prayed for outside help, but no one came to their rescue. Instead, Rick Everrusty took matters into his own hands, and with the help of his fellow pirates he would bring back the old days of glory. The Space Pirates have been raiding the galaxy since, in search for the valuable Crypto Crystals that allow them to rebuild their faction.

The Highborn of Eldaria

The Highborn of Eldaria is an elvish faction old as time itself. But slowly and surely, their age has started to show. When the solar flare flung the Crypto Crystals on Eldaria, the radiation caused these trees to grow and produce a glowing sap. To make herself young and beautiful, the old sorceress Madam Violet tried to create an elixir of life. But when the elders found out she had used forbidden magic and experimented on her fellow elves, they imprisoned and sentenced her to death. Desperate, Madam Violet drank her last elixir, made from mixing the glowing sap and bits of Crypto Crystals. The sorceress fell on the ground old and wrinkled but stood up young and beautiful. After seeing her beauty the elders released her and made her the leader of the Highborn so that she could create more elixir that could save their race. Since her release, Madam Violet has led the Highborn in a search for the Crypto Crystals, hoping to find enough to keep herself young forever.

Their home — Hermeian solar system.

Hash Rush is set in the Hermeian solar system, which has three different sectors. Each of the three factions of the solar system inhabits a sector. The Highborn of Eldaria live in the Eldarian Sector, the Ernacks dwell in the Cryptonian Sector and the Space Pirates roam the Rustarian Sector. For a long time, these factions kept to themselves and their solar system largely went unnoticed. But when the Crypto Crystal comet crashed into the sun, everything changed. The sun became unstable and solar flares flung bits and pieces of Crypto Crystals into the farthest corners of the solar system. Over time, the three factions discovered the crystals’ value and each started to actively mine them.

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An online sci-fi/fantasy RTS set in the fictional Hermeian galaxy.

An online sci-fi/fantasy RTS set in the fictional Hermeian galaxy.