Interview with Senior Game Producer Rafal Nowocien !

Hash Rush
3 min readAug 9, 2017

Recently we started making interviews with our team members about their experiences in the gaming industry. Being the producer of Hash Rush we wanted to interview Rafal Nowocien first.

When we began searching for game producers that would help us develop Hash Rush we searched for someone with a lot of experience and after going through multiple offers we found Rafal.

When we first discussed the Hash Rush project with him we were anxious but excited to hear what he will think of the idea. We were glad to find out that he loved it. Rafal said that it will not be easy to combine cryptocurrencies and video games but he said words that have stood by us ever since.

Challenges are made to be beaten! / R.Nowocien

  1. When did you begin working in gaming industry, and what was the first project that you were involved in?

I have been interested in gaming from my childhood. I started as a beginner text writer and became editor-in-chief. At year 2000 I was invited to one of the biggest Polish web portals to create online games sections. I’ve created more than 30 online casual games for them and this was my first serious project in computer game development.

2. What was your biggest experience while working in the gaming industry?

It differs, as I’ve worked both as games designer and games project manager. Definitely I’ve learned most during The Witcher production — I’ve spent 7 000+ hours working on this project.

3. What have you been doing since The Witcher?

I’ve worked in many other studios, with titles like “Get Even”, “Return of the Triad”, few mobile titles. I’ve also worked as Project Manager in corporations like Accenture, advertisement agencies (Dentsu/HypermediaIsobar) etc. Now I’m working as an independent game consultant.

4. What are you plans for the future?

More serious: just develop my business and make great games, it’s simple.

5. What are your thought about the Hash Rush project? How did you see it at the beginning and how do you see it now?

I think it’s well structured and has a good concept, especially as cryptocurrencies are the future of the financial aspect of games. As I can see the project goes according to the planned milestones. The current one being the creation of the promo video which is well on it’s way. So I think all is going well at the moment.

6. What are your words of encouragement to the Team?

Keep up the good work! There is still a long way to go, but we are capable of creating something truly great.

This was a heartwarming interview and it is nice to hear our game producer have true belief in this project.

We will be making more interviews with the rest of the Team from time to time. Stay tuned!