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Hash Rush
4 min readSep 22, 2022


Hash Rush, the world’s first Real-Time Strategy MMO blockchain-enabled game with pioneering Play-and-Earn mechanics, is unwrapping the next stage of its development for the GameFi community. Following the successful launch of its oversubscribed Alpha playtest and the Open Beta phase, Hash Rush has now set its sights on empowering the community to participate in the ecosystem with the upcoming launch of the Hash Rush DAO.

What in the World is a Hash Rush DAO, you may ask?

We have always welcomed and relied on community feedback, and we believe the future of gaming will be community-driven and community-centric. We want to create a deeper collaboration between the community and the game devs and, through it, empower participation. Hash Rush is already indirectly directed by you, the players, and we are making this involvement official by jumpstarting a DAO as the missing link to solve the puzzle.

Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) have become integral to blockchain projects. Based on the idea of autonomous governance by stakeholders or groups of individuals, DAOs allow decentralized communities to establish rules and policies and implement them into protocol management.

The concept of a DAO can be broken down into three integral elements:

Decentralized — running on blockchain technology with transparency and immutability

Autonomous — operating without a central authority and with established protocols

Organization — enables an efficient governance structure, run by the entire community — not one individual or a group

Gamers regularly participate in forum discussions where they suggest how a game can be improved. The game dev team will normally eavesdrop on these inputs and consider them for implementation. However, the entire process is veiled in mystery on the gamers’ end, where the community’s involvement seizes. The community is not getting information on what happens with their suggestions, while their proposed features are rarely added invariably.

The Hash Rash DAO solves this problem and transforms suggestions into proposals. By participating in the DAO, the Hash Rush community can make proposals and get feedback directly from the game dev team. If a proposal is feasible and compatible with the game, the community can vote on its implementation. If the vote passes, the proposal is put into the game’s development backlog, and the community is regularly and transparently updated on the process and progress.

Stakeholders, in this case, Hash Rush DAO members, will have a chance to vote and make proposals on different game-related elements, such as model and map designs. Having a take on how your favorite game develops is a unique chance offered by Web3 gaming platforms and the first perk of the Hash Rush DAO.

The Hash Rush DAO architecture is structured into Network, Protocol, and Treasury to place the ecosystem control in the hands of our dedicated Hash Rush community in the following ways:

Network — you will have the opportunity to become a part of a decentralized ecosystem that holds the value of our growing community

Protocol — asset integration

Treasury — you will participate in treasury management with control over community funds and grants.

We are creating a constructive environment where your voice counts, your ideas matter, and your opinion is valued — because “Community Rules!”

The Great Comeback of $RUSH

A chance for anyone to directly impact the launch and management of an OG P2E game starts with Hash Rush DAO and $RUSH token. $RUSH is the key to the DAO ecosystem and all its perks as a central value of progressive governance.
$RUSH grants you the right to vote and make proposals while participating in building a decentralized future for your gaming community.

Claim your voting rights and stay tuned as we are unwrapping the Hash Rush DAO roadmap and $RUSH utility!

Ask Us Anything: AMA Events Schedule

If you have any questions and want to know more about Hash Rush and DAO, join us for a lineup of exciting AMAs, and ask us anything!

  1. CAGYJAN 23.09.2022; https://twitter.com/cagyjan1
  2. Kookoo 24.09.2022; https://twitter.com/kookoocryptotv
  3. IndiGG 27.09.2022; https://twitter.com/IndiGG_DAO
  4. Merit Circle TBD; https://twitter.com/MeritCircle_IO

All Voyagers, Aboard!

Hash Rush has moved to an Open Beta phase, and all players are welcome to download the game for Windows and try out the new and exciting content and improved gameplay experience.

To become a part of the Open Beta and the world of Hash Rush, register and create your Vorto account, start playing Hash Rush, and trade in-game items on the Marketplace with players worldwide.

Join us on Discord, Hash Rush Forums, and Telegram, and follow us on Twitter for more news about Hash Rush. Learn more about the game here, read our Dev Updates on Medium, and stay tuned for more!