Hash Rush Update: The Rise of the Crystal Titan

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As we are ironing out the final few bugs from the next major update to Hash Rush, it is now time to unveil what we have been working on!

So, without further ado, welcome to Hash Rush: The Rise of the Crystal Titan!

The Crystal Titan will soon rise from the bowels of the planet with the sole purpose of defeating the Ernacks who have dared to mine the Crypto Crystals from its planet.

In our latest update to Hash Rush, prepare yourself for an all-new challenge, a new planet, and many more optimizations to help you understand the game better.

Major New Content

Phases of Resistance
With this update, all five phases of resistance have been fully implemented in the game. Players will find themselves on the defensive as the Crystal Scourge reacts to their presence by launching waves of monsters to their base. If you become powerful enough, the Crystal Titan will rise and challenge you for dominance of the planet.

The Desert Planet
The long-awaited second planet has been added to the game. Should you defeat the Crystal Scourge on the forest-based planet, you will then move to the desert planet and start your campaign against it all over again.

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General Improvements
We’ve made several changes to the game interface and experience to help them enjoy the game better. The most important are:

  1. Adding an indicator to the top of the screen displaying what phase of resistance the player is currently in.
  2. Displaying the range of the Watchtower while you choose where to build it.
  3. Hiding resources from the resource bar until they have been unlocked.
  4. You now need to build a blacksmith in order to gather Ore.
  5. The HP of all monsters has been cut in half (this will help you survive the harder waves).

So what are you waiting for? Garrison the watchtowers, begin mining the crystals, and prepare yourself for the rise of the Titan!

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