Hash Rush: May 2023 Development Update

Hash Rush
3 min readJun 1, 2023

Time passes by quickly, especially when viewed through blog posts. It feels like we shared our end-of-the-month update only yesterday, and now, here we are with another progress report at the end of the month. However, if you’ve been keeping up with us on Twitter or engaging in discussions on our Discord, you’ll know that these monthly summations a “Previously on…” at best. So, if you want to keep your fingers on the pulse of how we’re trying to put gaming back into Web3 Game, then our social network channels are the place to be.

Dressing for the Job You Want (Part II)

In our recent monthly update, we explained how we decided to rebuild the graphics of Hash Rush instead of simply giving it a new look. We considered various gameplay factors and concluded that a complete overhaul would provide a better experience. After testing the old and new builds, we are pleased to confirm that this decision was correct. Not only does the game look better, but it also performs better with reduced loading time on our test servers.

However, performance was only the only gain we recorded on the UI/UX front, though. We’ve introduced fresh interfaces for selecting Heroes and Chapters with Help Cards. We’ve also included a mini-map for quick navigation and referencing and added icons for skill trees.

To further improve the overall experience, we’ve incorporated win and loss screens so you can keep up with your own stats after every match for better or worse.

Additionally, our art team has begun preliminary work on creating the second biome, the Desert. They plan to focus on creating emergent gameplay and dynamics that are challenging yet rewarding across the terrain

Mic Check

Throughout April, the sound department diligently worked on creating sound effects for all in-game actions imaginable. In May, they connected these sounds to their corresponding gameplay actions. This ensures players can fully immerse themselves in the game with the satisfying sounds of their hero’s success or take note of the feedback from the sounds of their enemies’ defeat.

Every Cloud has a Silver Lining

Since Hash Rush incorporates blockchain-powered features and the blockchain network requires online nodes for communication, our communication infrastructure will depend on server technology.

We want to clarify that our requirement is not a manipulative tactic to flood the game with microtransactions or impose decentralized technology on players. We aim to minimize the hardware burden on the users’ end as much as possible while protecting them from very easy to execute exploits on a local game instance.

To this end, we added tick rates to the server scripts, implemented code protection, and transferred the entire game logic to our servers. We’ve also added a queuing system, progression checker, verifier, and quest logic framework.


The entire development and design team is working on the milestones so that we deliver a fun experience that will evolve past Early Access for all to enjoy. As mentioned above and before, core loop, visual and audio, along with the backend and security of the game’s infrastructure, is of utmost importance, and we are getting it done, with every week more and more gets added.

Stay tuned on our social media sites for the latest updates throughout the week. Join us on Discord, Telegram, and Twitter