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6 min readSep 7, 2022


In light of the ongoing Hash Rush Beta, we have devoted several articles to explain how it works and what we are doing in terms of gameplay additions. Like with any other process, the road to success is a rocky one. Whether it’s about applying fixes to small bugs that dodged testing beforehand, or completely reimagining and adjusting bigger portions of gameplay as it happens, our team of developers is always on the case.

By design, Hash Rush is a complex project that mixes an immersive RTS experience (Now in two different gameplay modes!) with innovative blockchain technology. Aside from all of the evident challenges that such a combination poses — as well as all of those we keep discovering along the way — we continue to pursue our vision of creating harmony between the two concepts, and all for the players’ enjoyment. Blockchain technology reflects itself on Hash Rush through the simple process of crafting in-game heroes whose complementary cards double as NFTs!

We have spent a lot of time successfully implementing such a concept into the game, and the process is still ongoing. This time, we have decided once again to revisit how the process of creating your in-game heroes works. Read on for the newest updates on the major changes in the hero crafting process!

We need a hero

In order to progress more efficiently through the challenges you may face, you should always equip at least one of these special beefy units called ‘heroes.’ These units can make or break your strategy, and they present an irreplaceable addition to your troops. With the Hash Rush Beta, we have introduced four obtainable heroes:

1. Sarnack, The Wanderer — A beloved Yak Rider with a big heart and even bigger kick. With his pet Asher, he can decimate the enemy units.

2. Lear Ma-Koh — Swooping down from the withering heights of the Cryptonian skies, this brand new hero delivers devastating area damage unlike any other!

3. Daerone, The Ice Priestess — Cold and calculated, this powerful, one-of-a-kind Ernack priestess harvests the cutting power of ice and manipulates it into accurate and destructive magic attacks.

4. Nyphol, The Cauldron Master — To some a welcome refreshment, to others a debilitating concoction. Whatever you do, make sure you’re on this Ernack’s good side.

Whichever hero you see fit for your in-game strategy, they all have the same beginning: they need to be crafted.

In the previous versions of the game, the crafting process simply involved directly crafting your hero. This, unfortunately, came with some issues that needed to be addressed in order to assure the functionality of the entire process. In the not-so-good old days, hero crafting required a ridiculous amount of materials. This made the crafting recipes confusing and, even if you were able to understand the requirements, good luck on collecting the materials! Being dependent on RNG made this process extremely daunting even for what should have been the most commonly found crafting materials. Pair the two of these issues up, and you got yourself an outright mess of an idea that just doesn’t cut it.

This time, we’re taking a slightly different, cleaner approach. Crafting your heroes will, of course, still be the main requirement in order to obtain the playable in-game model, as well as the hero card. However, instead of directly crafting your heroes from a bunch of different materials requiring you to farm for hours on end, the crafting requirement will be covered by a special item called Hero Tokens. With Hero Tokens, the ‘Play-and-Earn’ aspect of the game really comes forward as an integral part with a natural flow, rather than a specific, separate set of tedious chores.

A Token for your service, brave hero

Now that we have introduced Hero Tokens, let’s analyse their purpose and the process of obtaining them.

Hero Tokens, in short, are a newly introduced in-game currency used in the Hero Shop to purchase craftable heroes. As things are now, in order to obtain one of the available Ernack heroes, you will be required to exchange five tokens, with the exception of Sarnack under certain circumstances (four tokens) that we will discuss further down. So far, so good! Easy enough. But how exactly do you get to this final step?

The first important thing to point out would be that Hero Tokens play some sort of a ‘middle-man’ between the materials farmed, and the hero they are used on.

The old system relied on players farming a larger amount of materials (with a lower average chance of receiving what they actually needed).

Now the material requirements have been made more reasonable, and their drop rates have been improved.

With those materials, you will then craft individual Hero Tokens until you have the right amount (Five Hero Tokens) to exchange for your hero in the Hero Shop. This may not seem like much of a difference, since the process still requires some farming and collecting, but with the higher drop chance for certain types of materials and the constant sense of progress with each Token crafted, the overall experience is a lot more entertaining and rewarding.

Furthermore, crafting Hero Tokens now relies on more polished and clear recipes that spawn across all playable biomes. You will not be required to skip from biome to biome to find that one particular source item your recipe requires. Recipes adapt to the biome, using only materials accessible within it. This additionally reduces the time spent on searching and farming across the planets for a single Token.

We are confident that these changes in the crafting chain will serve well to further improve the users’ experience with Hash Rush. So much so, that we have decided to give you all a head start on the crafting jig! Remember how we said that each of the available heroes require five Tokens to be crafted, and how Sarnack may require less? To get you warmed up for your crafting adventure, we have decided to place one fully crafted Sarnack Hero Token in the game, ready to be collected with no additional crafting required! All you have to do is choose Sarnack to join your troops, play with him, and collect your Hero Token. Only four more to go! Once you have crafted them all, visit the Hero Shop for your well-deserved hero.

Spread the word, and let’s get that army of skilfully crafted heroes going! Enemies surely won’t be staying away for a long time, so use every opportunity to work on gaining different tokens, craft diverse heroes and open up more strategic options. Remember, not every enemy can be defeated the same way.

Try out this cool new feature and many others in the ongoing Hash Rush Beta Event. You play a major role in this phase of the development since the beginning of the Closed Beta on the 1st of September, and we are working hard to collect your feedback in order to keep improving your experience.

Next up, Open Beta! Be there on the 15th of September to share your experience with many new players if you already had a chance to venture to the dangerous yet enchanting world of Cryptonia. And if you’re the new addition to the Voyagers eagerly waiting to get your own adventure started, welcome! The 15th of September is your day.

Mark your calendars, and see you in-game! Until then, as always, chat it up and ask all of the burning Hash Rush questions on our lively Discord channel, or one of our official social media channels.



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