Hash Rush has raised over $1.4 million USD!

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As we showed you in our recent weekly update, the entire Hash Rush team has been busy with all things ICO. Now, exactly one week since the Hash Rush ICO started, we can take a look at the fruits of our labour and tell you exactly how much we’ve raised so far.

$1.4 million raised for Hash Rush

We’re ecstatic to announce that we have officially raised more than $1.4 million USD. This means that we’ve been able to attract significant interest and funds, allowing us to make Hash Rush into a reality! This is truly great news for gamers and crypto-heads across the world, and we’re very thankful for your continued support.

If we take a look at the numbers, we have had nearly 1000 investors participate so far (if every investor participated only once). These investors have together reserved 4,045,000 Rush Coin tokens and many of the special bonuses and rewards. So all in all, great news!

But this is not where the ICO ends: there’s still 23 days left in our campaign. And as we speak, you still have 2 days and 4 hours to grab a 10% Rush Coin bonus! So don’t hesitate, participate!

New space pirate concepts

While the ICO is taking up a fair chunk of our time, that’s not the only thing we’re currently working on. Slowly but surely, we bring each of our factions to life. Having started with the Ernacks, we are now moving on to the space pirates. What is their background, what should they look like, and how can we portray this in-game? These are some of the questions we’re finding answers to, and we’re excited to say that at the end of this week, we can show you more art work! So stay tuned, and we’ll make sure to provide you with an update on Medium, Steemit or Discord.

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