Hash Rush February Update 2023

Hash Rush
3 min readMar 1, 2023

We couldn’t be more excited for yet another monthly update. After a month filled with brainstorming, building and mainly establishing new strategies, we’re here to share some exciting news. Join us as we wander through various topics.

Additional development power

Where we previously shared to be hiring on multiple fronts, we can now happily share that all positions have been filled. Ranging from 3d artists to sound designers, we’ve attracted tons of talented developers to help us bring Hash Rush to you. Once again, we would like to show that we’re going all-in on building the game we’ve come to love.

The new additions to the team have already started working on the game, and we couldn’t be more excited. It’s time to leave the chatter behind, and prove our words by building. Internally, we’ve set one clear goal, Early Access, and that’s where the new team is working towards. This talent is hired based on delivery, nothing else.

After longer discussions and planning for the Early Access launch of Hash Rush, we collectively with the development team have made a Roadmap that we would like to share with you today:

Home Base HUB

Hash Rush is home to various game features, with one of these being a core loop feature called ‘Home Base HUB’, a twist to the main menu home to every game out there.

We’re revamping the main menu and creating an interactive HUB area where players can build and maintain their own settlement. This is completely separate from the standard RTS game mode. It’s simply a way for us to gamify your process throughout the game, and show your Hash Rush journey.

This interactive main menu allows you to;

  • View and review your progress throughout the game
  • Build up your settlement with multiple buildings both with active and passive abilities like generating resources over time or recruit defensive units to safeguard your settlement
  • Summon Heroes from the Altar or Champions by selecting a Hero you want and filling the resource requirements. These will be useable in Standard mode and to defend your settlement
  • Get rewards for completing quests and gaining achievements for the progress they make in the game

Naturally, the functions like any normal main menu screen are included, like the overall settings to determine the sound, screen settings and such. We simply wanted to spice things up, and make the menu more than simply a list of buttons.

The road ahead

As we’ve mentioned before, we have been passionately working internally to revamp Hash Rush, and to truly take things to the next level. We’ve been here for a while, and seen it all, but we’ve never lost our motivation to bring a really good game to the table.

Right now, the backend developers are working hard to build out the server infrastructure to facilitate full online play. Our designers are restyling various gameplay features that’ll be included in the early access, and the sound design is doubling-down on the effects for both the ambience and the combat actions.

As we conclude this monthly update, we would like to take the opportunity to share that you can expect a transparent reflection article from us soon. This will be a reflection on everything that’s behind us, and the way we would like to move forward.

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