Hash Rush DAO Roadmap and Progressive DAO Concept

Hash Rush
5 min readOct 21, 2022


Hash Rush DAO is the Decentralized Autonomous Organization for the world’s first Real-Time Strategy MMO blockchain-enabled game with pioneering Play-and-Earn mechanics. The DAO is a decentralized governance system and a modular framework for collaborative engagements and discussions.

Previously on Hash Rush

Hash Rush players, who have been around since 2017, when VZ Games first launched the game, are well aware that the original game design used to be pretty much different than what players can see today.

From the first Hash Rush page on Steemit to a dedicated Store and Marketplace, the game and the players underwent many substantial changes. However, some things remain the same — Hash Rush is still about fun gameplay and having players easily monetize the time they spend playing.

Since 2017, the Hash Rush dev team:

  • Went through with the ICO
  • Launched Pre-alpha phase for players
  • Redesigned Hash Rush from an economy-focused game to a more combat-focused game
  • Launched Open Alpha game (Hash Rush 1.0)
  • With the founding of Vorto, the game was entirely redesigned to Hash Rush 2.0, the current version of the game.
  • Added Proof-of-Concept in September 2021
  • Organized the Design Hero event, which was the first time that one of the Hash Rush players designed a hero, and as a winner, was granted a revenue share in December 2021
  • Released Playtest 1.0 in May 2021
  • Released Playtest 2.0 Beta in August 2022

With the launch of the alpha playtest, players could enjoy the game with heavily improved graphics and UI, core RTS gameplay, and a renewed basic crafting system. The new development stage also brought the first planet with Forest Biome that players can explore with new Hash Rush Heroes.


On the 15th of September, 2022, Hash Rush opened up the beta to let anyone try out the game. Unlike the previous (May) playtest, this version of Hash Rush was a lot more feature-packed and, just as importantly, a lot more stable.

On the feature side, the beta focused on three main parts:

  • Improving the core gameplay by expanding on the game’s feature set, fixing bugs, and improving the game’s balancing
  • Adding an all-new — and Hash Rush original — game mode, the dungeons give players a faster-paced yet very strategic game mode.
  • Revamping how crafting works, from hero crafting (players now craft tokens, then use those tokens to ‘buy’ heroes in-game) to a complete redesign of how equipment gear is crafted and the power of the gear.

The beta phase was an excellent staging arena, where players gave the team a wealth of feedback, helping Hash Rush improve on the designs and balancing, and it was the first real showcase of the game’s potential.


As the community of Hash Rush players is growing and expanding, Hash Rush is preparing to take the next step in community development. We want to gather all players around the same cause and allow them to engage, discuss, make game-related proposals and vote on them. This is why we are building the Hash Rush DAO.

The Hash Rush team will never allow proposals not approved by the team when it comes to anything that impacts the actual game and in-game mechanics.

Hash Rush DAO Roadmap

Q1 — Q2 2022:

  • Established DAO Requirements
  • Established DAO Infrastructure
  • Phase 1 Design: Governance Module

Q3 2022:

  • Phase 1 Deployed Governance Module
  • Deployment of Off-chain Proposal and Voting

Q4 2022:

  • Phase 2 Design

Q1 — Q2 2023:

  • On-chain Governance
  • Treasury Governance, Time-locked (based on mined blocks)
  • Delegation Separate Vote and Proposal Modules on-chain

Progressive DAO Concept

The Progressive DAO concept encompasses community participation and empowers community ownership, all while establishing democratization and decentralization of Hash Rush DAO through the use of gradual seizure of control by the founding team.

Decentralization is a process, not an event. No blockchain network was 100% decentralized at launch. Instead, decentralization is an evolutionary process that occurs in stages. A progressive framework enables the DAO to monitor its progress in achieving its strategic objectives and ensures its security.

Product upgrade on the blockchain, whether major or minor, is inherently risky due to the immutable nature of the technology. Once an upgrade is committed to the mainnet, fixing any mistake may take several days, if not weeks. In a nascent and fast-changing industry where pseudonymity is the order of the day and vulnerabilities and exploits continue to cost the industry billions annually, prioritizing security over the pace of feature releases is paramount.

The Progressive DAO concept relies on securing the rights of the participants, i.e., protecting the participants’ interests within the DAO ecosystem by gradually relinquishing the control of the founding team or the steering committee in the case of the Hash Rush DAO. Unlike the case with the traditional DAO concept, Progressive DAO allows for the long-term health of the organization and its community by increasing the control of the DAO participants over time.

A steering committee will initially lead the Hash Rush DAO to ensure that community proposals are implemented safely. This committee serves as an executor and advisor to the community rather than owning or governing the protocol. As the protocol matures, so will the scope and scale of the committee as directed by the DAO.

The Progressive DAO is still based on the three core principles of Decentralized Autonomous Organizations:

  1. The interaction must be decentralized and autonomous
  2. It must be bound to its code of conduct and have no intrinsic power over the funds in which it holds equity ownership
  3. With no centralized control structure and no leader to replace or remove, the DAO requires a mechanism for imbuing decision-making power into the DAO participants.

Hash Rush DAO preserves the original values that serve as the base architecture for Decentralized Autonomous Organizations, with a twist on community ownership that comes to a full circle over time and is in line with regulatory compliance.

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