Hash Rush Christmas Event 2019

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The festive season is just around the corner and soon you will be able to get into the mood with Hash Rush!

With our upcoming update ‘The Rise of the Crystal Titan’ we will also activate the Hash Rush Christmas event for you to enjoy!

The Event

Like our previous events, this year’s Christmas event will consist of three parts. An in-game challenge, a special Bounty Challenge, and a Social Media contest. What’s more, thanks to Rob, we have some physical prizes for you to win as well — you can find more information about that in the Social Media contest section below.

The White Ursara Slayer Hunt

This event will start on the day that the update goes live, and is scheduled to end on the 18th (though we will extend it if needed).

Players will need to explore their planet and hunt down the elusive White Ursara who will randomly spawn in the world.

Special prizes will be delivered to the player as they reach certain milestones:

  • 7 Ursara = Pink Skin
  • 22 Ursara = Green/Red Skin
  • 50 Ursara = Bear Ears
  • 100 Ursara = Tiger Skin
  • 175 Ursara = Bear/Antler Face
  • 225 Ursara = Bearslayer Sword/Shield

Bounty Challenge

It’s time to put your Crypto Crystals to good use as the Bounty Challenge will return. Unlike the previous challenges, this one will be a lot harder as the enemy will now attack your base, so you’ll have to balance Crystal mining with base defending.

There will be 3 challenges in total, each lasting for 5 days, and each with different prizes.

If you are able to get to the following ranks, you will receive the corresponding prize:

First Challenge: 4 to 8 December

  • Master: Purple Skin
  • Grandmaster: White/Pink Skin
  • Epic: Tiger Skin
  • Legendary: Bunny Ears

Second Challenge: 9 to 13 December

  • Master: Orange Skin
  • Grandmaster: White/Green Skin
  • Epic: Cheetah Skin
  • Legendary: Cat Ears

Third Challenge: 14 to 18 December

  • Master: Gray Skin
  • Grandmaster: White/Red Skin
  • Epic: Giraffe Skin
  • Legendary: Dog Ears

Social Media Contest

We are going to launch this contest on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. What you need to do is to take screenshots of your Ernacks in the various skins and submit it to us. On Twitter and Instagram, use the hashtag #hrxmas2019 and on Facebook, simply send it in as a direct message.

We will be looking for images that are inventive, show off the game in funny situations, or are simply visually pleasing. Just don’t forget that the theme is Ernacks in their various skins!

The prize for this is the rare Snow-covered Ursara Statue!

You can enter as many times as you like, but you can only win the prize once.

Special Prize

Thanks to Rob, we also have a special prize, a patch that can be sewn to your clothing, bags, or anything else that you desire!

The Ernack Patch

This prize will be given to the entry that we think is the best, so put on your creative hats!

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