Hash Rush Bi-Weekly Progress Update

The Hash Rush bi-weekly progress update is back, giving you a look at what we’ve been working on!

Once again, we’re going to be focusing entirely on the game development side. If you are a fan of the art and Lore Spotlight segments, don’t worry, they will be back quite soon.

Tales from Development

Before you read on, we recommend that you check out some of our previous articles that will help explain how things work. Firstly, check out this Lore Spotlight on the Crystal Titan. After that, it would be useful for you to brush up on your understanding of how we are handing the enemy, also known as the Crystal Scourge (we covered that in this Dev Blog).

The Crystal Titan

The Crystal Titan is the end-of-planet boss that the player will need to defeat in order to completely “win” or finish a planet.

Where can I find it (once it’s added to the game)?

Players can encounter the Titan in one of two ways. An aggressive player can hunt the Titan in its own lair or most players will get to the final phase, in which the Titan spawns on the planet’s surface with the single goal of destroying the player’s base.

What does the Crystal Titan look like?

You probably have seen the Titan a few times as we’ve teased it in the past, however, they were all work-in-progress models.

Now you can see the final version, first up we have a screenshot.

The Crystal Titan

And for the video lovers here is a turntable of the Titan.

A Turntable of the Crystal Titan

The Titan Attacks

The Crystal Titan has two attack modes. First, the Titan will use its ranged attack, hitting its target from a distance. If the target gets too close, it will go into its melee mode.

You can see this in action in this very-much-in-development video.

Please note, that this was taken while the Titan was still in development, so it’s attack animation may still be worked on.

The Crystal Base

As the Crystal Titan is the heart of the Crystal Scourge, and as the Crystal Scourge is the player’s main opponent, we have put the Crystal Base on the exact opposite end of the planet, compared to the player’s Bastion.

We’ve got a few screenshots of the Crystal Base to share with you. These show you the giant size of the base, and of the Titan.

The two images above show you the Crystal Titan as it lurks in the Crystal Base

The size of the Crystal titan can be seen here.

This image shows you the size of the Titan. Of the two versions that you can see, we decided to go with the larger one!

That’s all for now, we hope that you’ve enjoyed this progress update! We’re aiming to have 1 more major feature ready (a new planet) and then work on updating the game’s public alpha.

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