Hash Rush August Update — Store, Game Test, and Skins!

Hash Rush
6 min readSep 10, 2021


Greetings Voyager’s

Hash Rush has had an exciting (that’s a good word for it right?) few weeks and it’s about time that we give you all an update as to what we’ve been doing — as there’s been a lot!

Hash Rush News

An update on the summer game test

After the issues that impacted the Vorto Network store, many of you have been wondering whether or not the game is still on track for September 22nd. The answer is a big yes we are.

Do keep in mind that Hash Rush and the Vorto Network have 2 different groups of developers, so even though the Vorto Network (blockchain developers) are very busy making sure that the upcoming store re-launch is working perfectly, the Hash Rush developers have been able to continue working on the game without any issues.

What to expect from the game test?

Now, this is a new one, though you know that the summer game test is due to start on the 22nd of September, we’ve not really given you an overview of what will be included in this test — and — why we’re running it, so let’s give you an overview now.

First Reason — Knowing what you think

This year, as a game, Hash Rush has changed massively, and so we need to know what you think of the updated game. So, what you’ll get in the summer playtest will be the core of the game:

  • In a game match, you will have a map that you need to clear by building and defending a base, gathering resources, training an army, defeating the monsters, and gathering crafting resources.
  • Just before the match starts, you’ll be able to select up to three heroes to bring with you, and apply any skins that you may have.
The hero selection screen
  • Out of a match (but still in-game), you will be able to use the crafting resources to craft heroes and special equipment for heroes (you will need to clear the map multiple times in order to craft the items).
  • An in-game trading system that lets you trade the items that you craft

The above points form the core of Hash Rush, but there is a lot more to come, and by the time that we launch the full version, we’ll have a lot more features added in.

So what do we need? Ultimately, we need to know what you think — do you like the game, do you dislike it, and what do you as a player, expect to see from a game like Hash Rush? All are questions that can only really be answered after having a good playthrough of the game.

Second Reason — Blockchain

This will most certainly come as a big relief to our blockchain community, for the summer test we have finally implemented the first of our blockchain integration, with a small catch being that this is the Vorto Netowork test net (not a live net).

Running the summer playtest with the test net (instead of the live net) is hugely important to us as we need to be entirely certain that both the game and the blockchain integration are flawless and without major bugs. As you may have noticed from our unfortunately first attempt at launching the Vorto Network store, we can never simply assume that things are fine, even if we as a company, were to test it ourselves.

Third Reason — Stress testing

The third and final reason for the playtest is stress testing the servers. This one is quite straightforward as we need to know how our servers and the game handles players.

Vorto Network Store Refunds

We’re happy to write that we’ve begun the final step in the refund process. So far, we’ve been gathering all the information (huge thanks to Lixil for her work here) and have been preparing our systems to actually send the money back to those that were double (or more) charged.

We did want to have this handled much earlier, however, we ran into some technical issues where we could see payments and could technically refund them, however, the issue was that (for some weird reason) we could not see who each transaction came from. Thankfully, we’ve finished fixing that issue and have begun handling the refunds (some of you have already got them) and the rest will be done in a matter of days now.

To those of you that wanted to have the items added to your account — or just a confirmation of a purchase completing properly, we’ve confirmed all of the payments (from anyone that has contacted us) and we’re now working with our developers to make sure that you’ve got the items added to your account.

All in all, we aim to have all issues handled by Sunday (our team will be doing some work over the weekend if needed).

In case you need help with any outstanding issues relating to our first store launch, please contact us at our support email address and one of our supporters will help you out soon: support@vortogaming.zendesk.com

Vorto Network Store Relaunch

It is great that many of you have been asking us when we’ll relaunch the store, and we will be relaunching. While it is great that there is that much interest, we do not feel that it would be right to launch the store until two conditions have been met:

  • All outstanding issues surrounding the first launch are resolved
  • All identified issues are fixed, and we (the Hash Rush team) have tested it personally

The good news is that the developers have given us test versions of the store so we’re finalizing that from our end now!

Commiserating our first launch with a Skin!

We know that the first launch was not a sparking reflection of our abilities, and honestly, we’re extremely thankful to everyone for being so understanding of the situation.

As such, we felt that we had to make something for everyone that managed to register in the store during the first opening, and then extend that to everyone else that signs up in the first week of the second opening (as there were many of you that tried to sign up the first time round, but could not).

So, what will you get? A suitable skin for the Ernack worker that will remind you of the fun that we’ve had in August 2021!

This is fine!

RUSH Burn Update

This is just a quick note to say that we have not forgotten the RUSH burn. That said, due to the issues around the store launch, we did have to put all hands on deck to sort that out, so the big burn from our side was delayed — but we’ll be burning all that RUSH soon!

When it comes to the NFT that you can get from the event, this will be added to your Vorto Network account (after we’ve relaunched) using our ‘drops’ feature that allows you to connect your Ethereum wallet to the NEAR based Vorto Network!

We have minted 500 tokens, and 132 have been claimed so far, so it’s not too late to join in!

Here are the 3 variants that we’ve designed. In the end, we went with model B (the middle one).