Hash Rush: April 2023 Development Update

Hash Rush
3 min readMay 1, 2023


Time sure does fly fast when you’re tunnelling through the many obstacles of game development, but we’ve been rewarded with a rich vein of progress this month, including improvements to the Hub area and UI, new models for biome and building, story mode, and much more.

So let’s dive in!

Dressing for the Job You Want

A game’s art is one of the first things players notice when they launch a new title, setting the tone and communicating the game’s entire experience and aesthetic in just a few seconds. A well-designed game art style lets players quickly comprehend the mechanics while feeling connected to the game world. Poor game art, however, can distract players and make it harder for them to concentrate.

In RTS games, 3D assets and game models are also crucial for visual feedback. They help players understand the game world layout and provide critical information about unit positioning and movement.

As gamers and builders, this is not lost on us, hence why our art and animation teams devoted considerable time to creating new assets and refining the game’s models. The result is a marked improvement in visual fidelity, giving players excellent visual feedback concerning what’s going on during the game.

Powered by… Caffeine

The game engine, which is the core foundation defining the physics and mechanics of the game, also takes centre stage this month. We started with enhancements to faction behaviours in the game, involving players and enabling them to shape their actions accordingly. As a result, players can actively influence their faction’s behaviour in the game.

Another important feature we have been working on is improving the camera movement in the game. Identifying units’ location, enemy position, and terrain resources is crucial to creating playing strategies. The camera is critical in helping players locate and react quickly to changing situations. We have made it easy to view the map, zoom in and out, move the game world, and even include a day and night circle.

We also worked on improving our server structure and implemented queries to support specific actions. This will result in a smoother online gaming experience for users and reduce the impact of network delays or lags.

This helps us provide a better online user experience and mitigate against network delays or laggy gameplay.

Music to My Ears

Our team has enhanced the game’s soundtrack to provide a more diverse and immersive experience. We’ve incorporated distinctive music pieces, and our audio professionals are diligently fine-tuning the sound effects to ensure seamless gameplay.

Beam Me Up!

Having worked closely with Merit Circle DAO to develop Hash Rush, we’re delighted to announce that we will be building on their brand-new Subnet called Beam.

Beam is a gaming-focused blockchain layer that leverages Avalanche’s game-changing subnet technology for a quick settlement and minimal fees. Built for gaming, Beam allows developers to launch their games on-chain and manage them end-to-end seamlessly through customisable deployment.

Hash Rush requires a blockchain solution that is quick, adaptable, cost-effective, and caters to the needs of both gamers and builders — a requirement that Beam fits to a tee.


We’ve made exciting strides in our game development, and our next objective is to prepare a dev build for an internal playtest build. As we look forward, we can’t wait to finally get the Early Access build into the hands of our community.