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6 min readAug 29, 2022

Things are gradually heating up as the Hash Rush Beta craze overtakes our list of priorities, so it’s time that we looked into what you can expect from this version.

For the first time, you can experience the world of the Hermeian Galaxy in all of its glory. Numerous adjustments and additions have happened in the world of Hash Rush since the last time we did this together. Some of those additions and updates will be readily noticeable, while others will come in the form of more comfortable gameplay and the feeling of completeness. It is safe to say that you will have no problem noticing the extensive upgrade done on the unit icons and the updated building abilities!

Voltero, a special new hero coming to Hash Rush, designed by Triz, the winner of the first design Hash Rush event!

But if we could select a few most notable updates to Hash Rush that we feel deserve special attention and an opportunity to be representatives of all the positive changes done throughout this time, what would they be?

If you are about to dive into the Beta but still want a bit of a hint about what awaits you there, check out this brief mention of the most notable updates that you will be able to experience for the first time during the Hash Rush Beta!

Expansion of the Standard Mode

Aside from many visual and functional updates we have touched upon in previous articles, the newest (and the biggest) update for Standard mode is the addition of diverse biomes in the Cryptonian Planetary System and much improved maps for the existing ones.

We have always imagined the Cryptonian system as one of the most varied and complete planetary systems of the Hermeian Galaxy and in the newest build, you can see that diversity in the form of diverse biomes and maps.

From the six different planetary biomes planned for the Cryptonian Planetary System, two planets are ready to be tested out throughout Beta. The first playable is the forest planet, a planet that you would already be familiar with if you had joined us for the first playtest. However, unlike in the first playtest, where we had just the forest biome, the forest planet now also has playable maps for the all new fae biomes. Like the forest biome, three fae maps can be found, on which you can acquire highly-specialized materials, and, if you feel extra brave, how about taking a walk on the Fae Titan or Forest Titan map?

HR Info: Titan maps are still under development, however you can playtest them. When fully complete, the Titan maps will be unlocked by completing some in-game tasks. Furthermore, when finalized, the Titan maps will hold the boss fights!

Let us know how that went. Well, uh… We’ll be staying right here.

Outside the Cryptonian forests, another planet has emerged and is now accessible to players. Welcome to the Steppes planet, complete with the Thunderlands and Plains biomes. The new planet contains an entirely different set of three maps with a new list of planet-wide materials. Like with the Fae area, the Thunderlands and the Plains will offer you new maps and specialized materials. Titans are unfortunately also prevalent in this area, and you will be able to encounter them on two separate maps: the Plains Titan map and the Thunderlands Titan map.

Good thing the planet biomes now come with suggested heroes so you can optimize your adventure, no? Good luck!

Delving into Dungeon Mode

We have already talked about the famous Dungeon Mode quite a bit in the past, but it doesn’t hurt to return the spotlight onto perhaps the most significant addition to Hash Rush. Dungeon Mode is a brand new second gameplay mode in Hash Rush that takes the RTS experience of the game and re-imagines it in a fresh and daring environment focused more on the face-to-face battle of the units.

In this mode, players will select their Ernack troops to form a raid team using a point allowance system. Once this allowance is depleted, no more units can be added, but you can replace existing units as often as you want (provided that you’ve not started the dungeon match) until you’re happy with your team.

Remember that these allowance points also include adding a hero to your team.

That means each hero spends a certain amount of allowance points just like any other unit. While they cost significantly more than other units available, heroes are an irreplaceable buff to your raid party. Always ensure you venture with at least one of three hero slots occupied, and if your points allow you to bring more than one, don’t debate on doing so!

Dungeons are a dangerous place for Ernacks, and you will need all the help you can get to venture through the enemy lines and reach the Dungeon Boss. Easy, right?

HR Info: You can play the dungeon without any heroes, but the game will be much harder!

Now all you have to do is make sure you survive the boss fight and clear the dungeon (including the boss) within the given time limit. But believe us, beating all these odds is well worth it. Once you have successfully defeated the boss in the dungeon, they will drop valuable loot with a high chance of obtaining Equipment Cores, a specialized material necessary for crafting gear. There is no easy way about it, Voyagers.

HR Info: The Dungeons are the only place you may hope to find this rare material.

Experiencing a (de)buff

Clearly, there is no RTS without strategy, and while the Hash Rush gameplay set up the stage for it, since day one, we have been looking for more ways to emphasize this component. The need arose to not only lend players a hand in combat but also to keep the combat challenging and engaging enough for it not to be a mundane, boring activity.

The first buff and debuff icons!

For this reason, we are introducing another layer in the strategy department, ready to enrich the Hash Rush Beta experience. A list of buff and debuff effects have been added to the gameplay, offering you more tactical options and ensuring you are constantly engaged in the match, keeping an eye out for any potential damage done by an activated debuff.

What can we say? We love a good challenge, and we love seeing a good challenge being won! We have no doubts that you are all up to the task.

With this, you are officially ready to embrace Hash Rush Beta to its fullest! The Closed Beta part of the experience starts on the 1st of September for all the key-holders, and it will continue with the Open Beta from the 15th of September for the rest of the community. Don’t miss the opportunity to test out all the newest additions to the game, and leave us your feedback on the experience. We would love to know!

For additional information and all the newest updates, follow us on Discord or check our our linktree page to find all of the official Hash Rush links and pages!



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