Game Design from Idea to Concept — Ernack Buildings & Structures

The Stonemason Building

In general I think about a Stonemason building structure like a heavy building made from rough stone with some rocks and semi-finished stone blocks scattered around. — Brief by Lead Game Producer Rafal Nowocien

I preferred version 2, because it looks like it has a clear place for the Ernack to stay in, and the Stonemason Building definitely needed that. Version 3 also has a dwelling, but it was just a bit more ambiguous. — Lead Concept Artist Dendy Dhamier

Initially, Nic created version A, and I think it was great. But I figured, might it look better if we add some more colour and details? So I drew the ‘drapery’, that covers the table and the dwelling as a kind of flag. I also figured giving the building some kind of rune pattern would be a nice idea, since we know the Traveller uses a rune in his clothes. So on that basis, Nic drew version B and I really like the result! — Lead Concept Artist Dendy Dhamier

The Blacksmith Building

The Ernack Blacksmith is used to forge tools/weapons — it is a structure which may have an Ernack working inside or outside of it. In the Blacksmith, things are burned and thus smoke needs to come out. — Brief by Lead Game Developer Cristean Cristea

Here, I experimented with how it would look like if we have a ‘day and night sequence’ on the Ernack planet. Left is day time and right is night time. The team confirmed both versions as the final version, though we’re not yet settled on the day-and-night concept. — Lead Concept Artist Dendy Dhamier

The Carpenter Building

Initially, I think of the Carpenter Building as a place with many branches scattered around, single pieces of cut wood, and trunks prepared for cutting on pieces. Maybe it has some kind of Carpenter table and/or a simple wooden hut. During construction, the Ernacks will use branches and raw pieces of wood. — Brief by Lead Game Producer Rafal Nowocien

In the beginning, my goal is to design these buildings so that they’re recognisable from a top view. Basically, you want to design it in a way that even without tools and details, you can still tell it’s a Stonemason or a Carpenter Building. — Concept Artist Nicholas Ng Hanyang

The next steps



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