From Hermit to Hero: Sarnack, The Yak Rider

Game Lore — A History of Sarnack

Even before the Scourge changed the image of Trellian society forever, Sarnack was a respected, hardworking member of the collective, contributing to its well-being, and widely known for his high-quality products and cattle herding skills. It has been said that the only thing larger than Sarnack’s herd of yaks was his big heart, showing love and compassion not only to the people of Citadel and their needs but also to his animals.

Sarnack in Hash Rush

Gameplay-wise, Sarnack is a melee heavy-hitter with a combination of buff-debuff potential and an excellent crowd control knack. Sarnack inflicts physical damage to his foes, helped by his loyal companion Asher through the use of mace, buckler, or spear-style weapons, and three different mana-based skills, each with two related effects:

First ability: Stomp

Second ability: Speed Shout

Do you know that feeling when you want to shout your frustrations away? Even the most peaceful Ernacks sometimes wish to do that. In Sarnack’s case, shouting isn’t only a matter of stress-relieving but also a practical strategy against the enemy.

Ultimate Ability: Charge

As Sarnack participates in the battle, he gains experience and a better grip on utilizing his abilities, allowing him to widen their use. At that point, Sarnack and Asher gain the power to charge forward in a wide path, covering a larger radius of enemies.



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