Dev Update: Open (Beta) Sesame!

Hash Rush
5 min readSep 15, 2022


It’s already the middle of the month, but the fun is just starting! If you have been around for September, you already know everything (or almost everything) about the ongoing Hash Rush Beta. We have covered the topic several times, but if you haven’t caught up so far, now is the perfect time to do so. Waiting for this long to join in on the Hash Rush Beta likely means you did not manage to get into possession of one of the Vorto Keys previously mentioned as one of the requirements to participate.

But that’s not the end of it!

Gradually, we have reached the point where the Hash Rush Beta experience is ready to host more of you. To have the community make full use of this progress milestone, we made the participation requirements simpler. From today, the 15th of September, to the end of the Hash Rush Beta, you will no longer require a Vorto Key to gain access. So hurry up, register your Vorto account for free (, download the game(, and get started with the Open Beta!

And it may as well be the best time to begin. With the newest build, we have tweaked and added more content to the game, and we are excited to showcase it to as many of you as possible. Perhaps most importantly, we got to the bottom of a very long list of bugs reported by our internal testers and our players. We keep every report in mind and make the most effort to resolve any game-breaking issue in the shortest time possible. Most of the fixes implemented this time are of technical nature, and here we will be listing out the biggest and the most relevant issues that bugged you [:^)] in the recent time:

1. We have improved the overall game performance! These tweaks include fixing the obnoxiously long loading time between the game’s sections, and the general lag across the entire game — that used to happen after a long period of running the application — should no longer mess up your game to the point of it becoming unplayable.

2. We continue to work on the optimization of heroes and units in the game. This time, we have worked on giving them better in-game animations overall.

3. The gameplay now pauses when a player opens the ‘Escape Menu’ by pressing the ESC button on their keyboard. Take that break or grab some snacks without fear while you are AFK.

4. Pathfinding and targeting have been improved. This especially goes for the enemy units, which should move in a more natural fashion. Additionally, flying units should no longer bug out while flying over ground units.

5. Camera movement became much more versatile! We have implemented the option to move your camera with the WSAD keys when you have no troops selected on your map.

6. Worker troops are utilized better. Once you assign your troop to gather a specific type of material, upon fully depleting one source, it will automatically move on to the next closest one of the same type. This way, we have eliminated the need for constant supervision of your worker troops unless you want to cancel the gathering process or reassign them to a different type of resource.

Another aspect of this game that is very important to us is its visual representation. Due to this, we are always looking for ways to improve the visual experience of Hash Rush. To that end, we are adding more diversity to troops, heroes, and the game’s maps. This time, we have decided to make the Forest Planet area look the part of a post-apocalyptic alien world. To achieve this, we have made a few changes to the color scheme of its maps, making the ground more muted and easier on the eyes. A bit more focus has been put on vibrant-colored troops and heroes, and it might be time for a new addition to your team. One of our most ambitious heroes, Voltero Envisaetherius, will soon be on sale!

Take a look on how 3D model looks like!

At the beginning of this year, we held a community-wide contest with the task of sending us your best design for a character that would fit into the existing lore of Hash Rush. Among many talented creators, we had the challenging task of choosing one of you. The final decision came down to Trizdraw and the fantastic design of Voltero Envisaetherius, followed by an equally intriguing story. We are excited to announce that Voltero finally found its way into the game, and we are giving it a special promotion! If you are interested in adding this magical hero and his great mount to your collection, keep an eye out, as we will be issuing additional information on when exactly said hero will be on sale. Don’t miss out!

If you haven’t found a reason to join the Hash Rush Beta experience yet, we hope we’ve given you more than one good reason to do so! Not only we’re convinced that you will be having a blast with the current live build, but your participation and feedback are also invaluable sources of information for the further development of Hash Rush.

Visit one of our many official social media channels and our Discord for all the news regarding the current updates to the game, as well as all the plans and future updates. Got more questions regarding the current information? Our social media team is happy to give you any information you need!

Which update to the game has been your favorite so far? Share it with us and with the rest of the community! We’re looking forward to hearing your feedback.

Until the next update, happy journey, Voyagers!