Biweekly Update — Week 46 & 47

In our last Biweekly Update, we spoke about the Hash Rush pre-alpha, our latest interview with a HR team member, and our visit to the Tokyo Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Conference. For this article, we’ll cover everything that happened since then, including the listing of Rush Coin (RC) on EtherDelta, the Hash Rush Creative Challenge, and more! Let’s begin!

Rush Coin live on EtherDelta

As part of our Initial Coin Offering, we sent out over 4 million Rush Coin tokens to more than 1,000 investors all over the globe. In order to make it easier for investors to buy and sell Rush Coin, we’re happy to say that we got RC listed on the EtherDelta exchange. If you’re interested and want to exchange RC right away, please go to the RC EtherDelta page here: Or if you don’t know yet how EtherDelta works, please take a look at our EtherDelta Quick Start Guide.

The Hash Rush Creative Challenge Has Started

The Hash Rush Creative Challenge has officially begun! The theme of the challenge is Ernacks Through the Seasons, and the competition runs until 09:00 UTC on 11 December 2017. So if you want to have a chance at nabbing that sweet pre-alpha access, send in your most awesome, inspiring or beautiful creative work to the inbox! Read more about the rules and terms of conditions on our Creative Challenge page!

Interview with Game Producer Archie Cāns

Two weeks ago we had the opportunity to welcome a new member to our team. Artūrs ‘Archie’ Cāns started his role as Game Producer and we sat down with him for a short interview.

We spoke about his background, his role in the team and his plans for Hash Rush. Want to know why he calls himself a “social chameleon” or what he loves about Hash Rush? Take a look!

That’s it for now — in two weeks we’ll be back with our next biweekly update. But if you want to be kept up to date of the latest Hash Rush news, check out our Twitter, Facebook, Discord and newsletter!

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An online sci-fi/fantasy RTS set in the fictional Hermeian galaxy.

An online sci-fi/fantasy RTS set in the fictional Hermeian galaxy.