An Introduction to Rush Coin, an Ethereum Token

If you’ve read our other articles on Hash Rush, the first hash-powered online game, you know that we’re not just launching a new game.

As part of the Hash Rush project, we’re also launching an Ethereum Token, called Rush Coin (RC). With this article, we’d like to tell you more about what Rush Coin actually is.

The Rush Coin Ethereum Token

A Smart Contract Token

First, let’s get into the nitty-gritty. Rush Coin (RC) is an Ethereum token, based on the ERC-20 Token Standard.

For those unfamiliar with the subject, the ERC-20 standard provides a common set of rules to follow for specific Ethereum tokens and their smart contracts.

Most major Ethereum tokens (cryptocurrencies based on the Ethereum platform) are adhering to the ERC20 standard — these include quite popular tokens like BAT, Humaniq or Aragon, and a bunch of others.

The advantage of the ERC-20 standard is that developers can easily develop cryptocurrency wallets or other applications for a specific token, such as Rush Coin. In short, people know what to expect, when dealing with an ERC-20 token.

The Hash Rush Smart Contract

The ERC-20 token is the basis for the Hash Rush Smart Contract. Similar to many other ERC-20 tokens, this smart contract has specific features.

For example, information like the number of tokens held by a user or information on specific transfers is public. And tokens can only be transferred by their owner or by a receiver authorized by the owner.

Of course, there are a number of other features that we will not go into here. Make sure to read our white paper, where we go into more detail.

Suffice to say that the Hash Rush Smart Contract, which governs the exchange of the Rush Coin token has specific rules on Transparency, Ownership, Issuing of tokens, Contract Management and Contract Errors.

I’m convinced, where do I get Rush Coins?

As of the moment of writing, Rush Coins are not yet available. If you want to be the first to buy RC, participate in our Pre-ICO, which starts on 16 August.

From 16 August to 1 September, you can purchase RC with Bitcoin, Ethereum or Ethereum Classic at a rate of 1000 RC for every 1 ETH. The minimum entry threshold for the pre-ICO is 50 ETH.

If you choose to invest as an early-bird investor (as part of the pre-ICO), you will receive more RC (more bang for your buck), and you’ll get special early-bird bonuses such as beta access to the game.

But of course, you can also choose to wait until the actual ICO, which starts on 13 September and ends on 13 October, which has a minimum entry threshold of just 0.1 ETH.

Note that all of this is also explained in our white paper.

Other ways to get Rush Coins

Players can get and spend Rush Coins in different ways

Are you planning to go on a holiday during our the ICO period, or are you afraid that you will miss the boat?

Luckily, there are numerous other ways to get Rush Coins. First, once all tokens sold through the pre-ICO and ICO are distributed, we will list RC on several popular cryptocurrency exchanges.

This means you can trade a variety of other cryptocurrencies for RC at the market rate.

Second, we are setting up a Hash Rush mining pool. If you’re an Ethereum miner, you can join our mining pool and automatically earn RC.

Third, you can trade Rush Coins in-game with other players. If you sell valuable items, you’ll get RC in return.

The fourth way of acquiring your fair share of RC is to play the Hash Rush game. Specifically, you can earn Rush Coin by completing single player missions or achieving faction goals.

But what if you want to get Rush Coins right now?

Well, the fifth way of acquiring RC is by participating in the Hash Rush PR Campaign. Simply use Twitter, Facebook, or a blog of your choosing, and earn RC for your participation!

So let’s say you’ve acquired some Rush Coins. Now what?

Whether you like to dabble in cryptocurrency trading or you are a real cryptocurrency whale, one thing you can do with Rush Coins is simply trading them.

We’re releasing RC on several major cryptocurrency exchanges after all tokens have been sold through the (pre-)ICO — and if you believe in this project (like we do), you might just get a hefty profit from your initial investment.

But Rush Coins aren’t made for trading, they’re made for the Hash Rush game!

Using Rush Coins in-game

So how can you use RC in-game? Well, there are several ways in which RC come in handy when playing Hash Rush.

In order to start the game, you will have to spend some Rush Coin. The amount is minimal, but this ensures that your miners (in the game) can actually be backed up by real hash power.

Then when you start up Hash Rush, you can use RC for in-game micro transactions.

Specifically, that means that using RC, you can:

  • build new facilities and upgrade existing buildings,
  • easily expand your mining colony,
  • buy additional units (such as miners that mine ETH, ETC, XMR, etc.)) and upgrades,
  • participate in unique faction and single player missions,
  • discover new mineable cryptocurrencies,
  • speed up in-game activities,
  • and much, much more.

In short, you can both earn and spend RC by playing Hash Rush — that’s what makes the game so much fun.

By earning additional RC, you’ll be able to construct buildings, create additional units, purchase upgrades, and slowly but surely expand your reach into the furthest corners of the Hermeian solar system.

That’s all folks! Any questions?

The goal of this article was to tell you what Rush Coin is, where you can get it and how you can spend it. And I think we achieved that goal.

Nonetheless, you might have a question or two, so please let us know below. We’d love to hear your thoughts.

And as always, take a look at our white paper, our website, or our other articles on Medium such as:

“We are developing Hash Rush, the first hash-powered online game”,

“The Hash Rush PR Award System” or

“Introducing the Hash Rush world”.

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