A look into the Hash Rush game

The Hash Rush project is not easy to wrap your head around. If I would have to present Hash Rush in one sentence, I would say it’s:

A Real-Time Strategy browser game with an in-game currency called Rush Coin (an Ethereum token) that lets you earn Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies by playing as your ‘mining units’ are backed by real hash power from the Hash Rush mining pool.

Makes sense?

Whether you do or do not understand this small summary, we want to provide you with more information about the game mechanics than just this one sentence.

That is why we’ll discuss Hash Rush missions, how our system of cryptocurrency mining works (in-game and outside of the game), and how you, as a player, can get paid real cryptocurrencies by playing Hash Rush.

One of the first screenshots of the Hash Rush game

The Hash Rush missions

Let’s start with discussing the game’s missions. At its heart, Hash Rush is an RTS game. Playing a Real-Time Strategy game often means you’re building some sort of base and creating units that have specific tasks such as farming, mining or fighting. At the same time, you need to defend your base against attackers, and possibly attack other players.

Hash Rush has a similar premise. However, there is no ‘attack’ element, and we have added both singleplayer and multiplayer missions that provide an extra dimension to the game.

Singeplayer missions

Singleplayer missions revolve around random events. Your Miners may have dug too deep and caused an earthquake. Or perhaps aggressive creatures, who inhabit the world your colony has settled on, have come to feast on your Miners.

Anything can happen in Hash Rush, and some of these events will trigger specific singleplayer missions. It’s up to you whether you want to take part in such a mission, but if you do and complete the mission, you will be rewarded. You’ll receive a specific item, a certain amount of Rush Coin, or an entirely different prize.

Multiplayer missions: Faction Goals

Aside from singleplayer missions, you can also join multiplayer missions in Hash Rush. These are called Faction Goals. Logically, the faction your colony belongs to (the Ernacks, the Space Pirates, or the Highborn of Eldaria) determines the missions you can take part in.

For instance, a Faction Goal may be to mine a specific large amount of Ethereum within 14 days. If you and the other players from your faction manage to complete this mission, you all receive a reward.

Similar to singleplayer missions, this reward can be different things, such as a permanent increase of mining output. But in this case, completing a Faction Goal means that all Faction members receive the same reward.

Mining cryptocurrencies in-game

As you can see, a large part of Hash Rush revolves around mining Crypto Crystals. And as we indicated earlier, every single Miner in your colony is backed by hash power.

So how does this work?

Initially, every Miner represents a hash power of 100kh/s. Their mining output may increase or decrease according to a variety of factors. For instance, mining output may increase with specific tools or the presence of Mining Engineers, and it may decrease when you’re attacked or experience an earthquake.

But let’s assume for a minute that as a player, you have two Miner with a combined hash power of exactly 200kh/s. You can then use this 200kh/s to mine specific for instance Ethereum.

The amount of Ethereum you mine is automatically stored in your colony’s Warehouse. Note that when you lose or gain items, workers, or when your base is under attack, the amount you hold in your Warehouse may change.

The Hash Rush Mining Pool

Having read this, you may wonder where all this hash power comes from.

Well, the Hash Rush project essentially consists of two sides of the same coin. One side is the Hash Rush game, and the other is the Hash Rush mining pool and associated mining farm.

The Hash Rush mining pool is similar to other cryptocurrency mining pools. Anyone can join (whether you’re a Hash Rush player or not). The pool combines the hash power of the Hash Rush mining farm and the pool participants, and distributes the rewards of the pool’s mining efforts to its participants pro rata.

And yet, this mining pool is not entirely the same as others. Participants of the Hash Rush pool get to make a choice: They can choose to rent out their hash power to Hash Rush players. Should you choose to do so, you’ll receive an amount of Rush Coin in return. At that point, you can simply use the RC in-game, or trade it on a cryptocurrency exchange.

Introducing the Payout System

Now that you’ve come this far, there is just one more missing link we need to discuss.

We have explained how a player’s miners are backed by hash power and where this hash power comes from. However, we have not yet explored how your miners’ hash power results in you (as a player) acquiring real cryptocurrency.

That is where the Hash Rush payout system comes in. As we explained in a recent story about our team, we are creating a smart contract that governs specific parts of Hash Rush. This smart contract specifies exactly who is entitled to what (amount of) cryptocurrency.

The smart contract transfers exactly 98% of the amount of cryptocurrencies your miners mine from the Hash Rush mining pool to the Faction you belong to.

Note that there is 2% missing. This remaining 2% is also known as the Galaxy Tax, which is similar to any pool tax normally imposed on mining pool participants. The Galaxy Tax essentially pays for the electricity and upkeep of the HR mining farm.

Every week, a different smart contract is initiated. This contract releases all funds held by the Factions to their members. Again, this happens fairly and on a pro rata basis—you get the exact amount of cryptocurrency your miners mined, minus the Galaxy Tax.

Dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s

This article serves as an in-depth look into the mechanics behind the Rush Coin game. However, we understand that this is not an easy concept to grasp, and we won’t stop fine-tuning the Hash Rush game, the mining pool and our explanation of ‘how this all works’.

For now, please talk to us — whether it’s about a question you have, an ‘i’ we did not dot, or any ‘t’ we have yet to cross. You can reach us on our website, Twitter or our Slack channel.

And if you want to read more about Hash Rush, please take a look at our other articles here on Medium.

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