Greetings Voyagers,

Our game designer, Mark, recently hosted an AMA (ask me anything) session on Discord, where he did his best to answer all of the questions that our community members could think of.

The entire session was a really fun event, one that we definitely would want to do again in…

Refunds/Duplicate Purchases

I purchased a bundle and received a confirmation email, but I was overcharged. How do I receive a refund or claim the item(s) that I was charged for?

If you are on our Discord server, please visit the #contact-support channel, located in the Support section, open a ticket and provide…

The RUSH burning event has now started (16:00 CEST) and so we’ve got a guide for those of you that want to take part!

Firstly, we are aware that Metamask — and several other wallet managers — do not allow you to send to the typical 0x0 wallet.

Don’t worry…

Greetings Voyagers!

It’s time for us to get into the sharing mood and let you all know what’s been going on in the world of Hash Rush. So, without further ado, let’s begin!

About The Redesign Play test!

The Hash Rush redesign project was first announced back in January. Since then, the entire team has…

Hash Rush

An online sci-fi/fantasy RTS set in the fictional Hermeian galaxy.

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